Upcoming Events

We're adding new events every day, so if you don't see an event in your community, please let us know!

Looking for a Community Walk or Campus Walk? Email us at walks@afsp.org, making sure to include your city, state, and the type of event you're looking for. 

Looking for other events (Ride to Fight Suicide, Tour for Hope, Hike for Hope or other Chapter event) in your area? Email us at development@afsp.org, be sure to include your city, state, and what event you're looking for.  

We'll let you know of any events that will be coming up soon, or provide you with information about how to start an event near you.

Date Event
2016/02/2702/27/2016 Colstrip High School Campus Walk, Campus - Colstrip, MT
2016/03/0203/02/2016 Honolulu Community College Campus Walk, Campus Mall - Honolulu, HI
2016/03/0503/05/2016 California Lutheran Univ Campus Walk, Kingsmen Park - Thousand Oaks, CA
2016/03/0503/05/2016 Langston University - OKC Campus Walk, OKC Campus - Oklahoma City, OK
2016/03/0503/05/2016 Holy Cross High School Campus Walk, Iroquois Park - Louisville, KY
2016/03/0503/05/2016 NC State University Campus Walk, Witherspoon Field - Raleigh, NC
2016/03/1203/12/2016 UC Berkeley Campus Walk, Upper Sproul Plaza - Berkeley, CA
2016/03/1903/19/2016 Shenandoah University Campus Walk, Campus - Winchester, VA
2016/03/1903/19/2016 Virginia Tech Campus Walk, Drillfield - Blacksburg, VA
2016/03/1903/19/2016 Coastal Carolina University Campus Walk, Campus - Conway, SC
2016/03/2003/20/2016 Florida Atlantic University Campus Walk, Campus - Boca Raton, FL
2016/03/2003/20/2016 Florida Gulf Coast Univ. Campus Walk, Campus - Fort Myers, FL
2016/03/2603/26/2016 University of South Alabama Campus Walk, Campus - Mobile, AL
2016/04/0204/02/2016 Southern Wesleyan University Campus Walk, Campus - Central, SC
2016/04/0204/02/2016 College of William & Mary Campus Walk, Campus - Williamsburg, VA
2016/04/0204/02/2016 UCA Campus Walk, UCA Alumni Pavilion - Conway, AR
2016/04/0204/02/2016 Flagler Schools Campus Walk, Town Center - Palm Coast, FL
2016/04/0204/02/2016 VCU Campus Walk, Monroe Park Campus - Richmond, VA
2016/04/0204/02/2016 Mineral Area College Campus Walk, Campus - Park Hills, MO
2016/04/0204/02/2016 Emporia State University Campus Walk, Campus - Emporia, KS
2016/04/0204/02/2016 Purdue University Campus Walk, Campus - West Lafayette, IN
2016/04/0304/03/2016 UMass Amherst Campus Walk, UMASS Track & Field - Amherst, MA
2016/04/0304/03/2016 University of South Carolina Campus Walk, Campus - Columbia, SC
2016/04/0504/05/2016 Sacramento State Campus Walk, The Well, Front Lawn - Sacramento, CA
2016/04/0904/09/2016 Nicholls State University Campus Walk, Campus - Thibodaux, LA
2016/04/0904/09/2016 Univ. of Wisconsin- Lacrosse Campus Walk, Campus - La Crosse, WI
2016/04/0904/09/2016 Florida International Univ. Campus Walk, Campus - Miami, FL
2016/04/0904/09/2016 Johns Hopkins University Campus Walk, School of Nursing Courtyard - Baltimore, MD
2016/04/0904/09/2016 Longwood University Campus Walk, Campus - Farmville, VA
2016/04/0904/09/2016 Pickens High School Campus Walk, Campus - Pickens, SC
2016/04/0904/09/2016 University of Florida Campus Walk, Campus - Gainesville, FL
2016/04/0904/09/2016 Arizona State University Campus Walk, Hayden Lawn - Tempe, AZ
2016/04/0904/09/2016 College at Brockport Campus Walk, Campus Mall - Brockport, NY
2016/04/1004/10/2016 Butler University Campus Walk, Campus - Indianapolis, IN
2016/04/1004/10/2016 Southwestern University Campus Walk, Corbin J. Robertson Foyer - Georgetown, TX
2016/04/1004/10/2016 UCLA Campus Walk, Drake Stadium - Los Angeles, CA
2016/04/1004/10/2016 Univ. of Nebraska - Omaha Campus Walk, Campus - Omaha, NE
2016/04/1004/10/2016 Clemson University Campus Walk, Jervey Meadows - Clemson, SC
2016/04/1304/13/2016 Ohlone Campus Walk, Ohlone Campus (NOC), Newark - Fremont, CA
2016/04/1504/15/2016 Lindenwood University Campus Walk, Campus - St. Charles, MO
2016/04/1504/15/2016 West Virginia University Campus Walk, Campus - Morgantown, WV
2016/04/1604/16/2016 Arkansas Tech University Campus Walk, Campus - Russellville, AR
2016/04/1604/16/2016 Main Line Campus Walk, Ashbridge Mem. Park-1301 Montgomery Ave - Bryn Mawr, PA
2016/04/1604/16/2016 University of Houston Campus Walk, Lynn Eusan Park - Houston, TX
2016/04/1604/16/2016 LSU at Alexandria Campus Walk, Campus - Alexandria, LA
2016/04/1604/16/2016 Holy Family University Campus Walk, Campus - Philadelphia, PA
2016/04/1604/16/2016 University of Central MO Campus Walk, Campus - Warrensburg, MO
2016/04/1604/16/2016 University of Northern Iowa Campus Walk, Campus - Cedar Falls, IA
2016/04/1704/17/2016 Madison Campus Walk, Sellery Backyard and Lakeshore Path - Madison, WI
2016/04/1704/17/2016 Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln Campus Walk, Campus - Lincoln, NE
2016/04/1704/17/2016 Kutztown University Campus Walk, DMZ - Kutztown, PA
2016/04/2104/21/2016 Gallaudet University Campus Walk, Campus - Washington, DC
2016/04/2304/23/2016 Seven Lakes High School Campus Walk, 9251 S Fry Rd - Katy, TX
2016/04/2304/23/2016 Universities at Shady Grove Campus Walk, Campus - Rockville, MD
2016/04/2304/23/2016 Lorain Co.Community College Campus Walk, Campus - Elyria, OH
2016/04/2304/23/2016 Kent State Campus Walk, Risman Plaza - Kent, OH
2016/04/2404/24/2016 Univ. of Central Florida Campus Walk, Memory Mall - Orlando, FL
2016/04/2404/24/2016 University of Colorado, Boulder Walk, Duane Physics Building - Boulder, CO
2016/04/2404/24/2016 The University of Akron Campus Walk, Stile Athletics Field House - Akron, OH
2016/04/2404/24/2016 Ohio University & Ironton HS Campus Walk, Campus - Ironton, OH
2016/04/2404/24/2016 Univ. of Maryland Campus Walk, Campus - College Park, MD
2016/04/3004/30/2016 Southeast Missouri State Campus Walk, Campus - Cape Girardeau, MO
2016/04/3004/30/2016 Western New England Univ. Campus Walk, Campus - Springfield, MA
2016/04/3004/30/2016 RCTC Campus Walk, Campus - Rochester, MN
2016/04/3004/30/2016 Binghamton University Campus Walk, The Brain - Binghamton, NY
2016/04/3004/30/2016 Dakota Ridge High School Campus Walk, 13399 W. Coal Mine Ave - Littleton, CO
2016/05/0105/01/2016 Springfield College Campus Walk, Campus - Springfield, MA
2016/05/0105/01/2016 Gunnison Campus Walk, GHS, GMS, NW Corner of Gunnison - Gunnison, CO
2016/05/0105/01/2016 Central ND Campus Walk, Strasburg North Gym - Strasburg, ND
2016/05/0705/07/2016 Jefferson Community College Campus Walk, JCC Personal Counseling - Watertown, NY
2016/05/1405/14/2016 Columbus IN Campus Walk, Hamilton Center - Columbus, IN
2016/05/1405/14/2016 UC Davis Campus Walk, Russell Field(Russel Ave & College Park) - Davis, CA
2016/05/2105/21/2016 Dartmouth College Campus Walk, Medical School, Lyme Rd - Hanover, NH
2016/05/2105/21/2016 Utah County Campus Walk, Pleasant Grove High School - Pleasant Grove, UT
2016/05/2105/21/2016 Greensburg HS Campus Walk, Greensburg High School track - Greensburg, IN
2016/05/2205/22/2016 Blake High School Campus Walk, 300 Norwood Rd - Silver Spring, MD
2016/05/2205/22/2016 NW Health Sciences Univ Campus Walk, Normandale Lake Park - Bloomington, MN
2016/06/0506/05/2016 Bucks County Campus Walk, Lower Bucks County Technical High School - Levittown, PA


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