Out of the Darkness Wellness Challenge - Featured Participants

Throughout the challenge (August 3rd - September 13th), we featured a number of AFSP Staff, Volunteers, and Participants on our website, on social media, and in email updates so you can get to know your community.

While the Wellness Challenge has ended, our actions to help save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide continue. We encourage you to share your story on social media with our hashtags #OutoftheDarkness and #TogetherToFightSuicide. Don't forget to follow these hashtags and show one another some support throughout the fall!

Special thanks to everyone who shared their story with us to be featured during the Out of the Darkness Wellness Challenge!

JoEllen Claypool Angela Drake Cheryl Roper Robert Campbell Lauren Zaremski
Sarah Clark Kat Olbrich Lacey Maroon Taryn Hiatt Riley Thorsen
Jayne Whisnant Kerry Murphy Kelsey Steuer Anne Perry Nancy Yates
Samantha Finke Charlotte Primrose Chris Owens Dana Mitchell Beth Flax
Shelby Waldron Debra Kushnick Stacey Swan Tracy Rassley Roxane Fuentes