Upcoming Events

Our top priority is the safety and health of our Walkers, Volunteers, and Staff. Because of this, we are carefully monitoring the developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will continue to do so. We are working with the city and state officials, and we will follow the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), City Departments of Public Health, and the World Health Organization. We know that this can be a difficult time, so please take some time to read AFSP's Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty and ADAA's  Coronavirus Anxiety - Helpful Expert Tips and Resources.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Date Event
2016/03/0203/02/2016 Mississippi Lifesavers 20X25
2020/11/0511/05/2020 2020 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend Powered by AfterShokz, WALT DISNEY WORLD® - Orlando, FL
2021/01/0701/07/2021 2021 Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend, WALT DISNEY WORLD® - Orlando, FL
2021/02/0102/01/2021 Swim for Hope
2021/02/0402/04/2021 Team Innerforce 2021: Through us, for others.
2021/02/1902/19/2021 2021 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, WALT DISNEY WORLD® - Orlando, FL
2021/02/2802/28/2021 Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Capital Region NY, Virtual - Chapterwide, NY
2021/03/0103/01/2021 Mississippi Chapter Lifesavers Project 20x25
2021/03/0103/01/2021 The 2021 Inland Empire/Desert Cities Hike for Hope “The CLIMB”, Trail of Your Choice - Inland Empire/Desert Cities, CA
2021/03/0103/01/2021 Circle of Hope Champions Challenge
2021/03/0503/05/2021 Strides for Suicide Prevention
2021/03/1303/13/2021 University of Nebraska at Kearney Campus Walk, Cushing Coliseum, 410 W 26th Street - Kearney, NE
2021/03/2003/20/2021 British International School of Washington Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Washington, DC
2021/03/2003/20/2021 West Virginia University Virtual Campus Walk, Facebook Live - Morgantown, WV
2021/03/2003/20/2021 Panhandle Paws for Prevention, Liza Jackson Park - 338 Miracle Strip Pa - Fort Walton, FL
2021/03/2003/20/2021 Arkansas AFSPinot
2021/03/2703/27/2021 Ohio Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice - Statewide, OH
2021/03/2703/27/2021 South Carolina Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Statewide, SC
2021/03/2703/27/2021 New Mexico Hike for Hope
2021/04/0904/09/2021 Pace University NYC Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - New York, NY
2021/04/0904/09/2021 The Ohio State University Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice - Columbus, OH
2021/04/1004/10/2021 Grand View University Campus Walk, Grand View (outside basketball courts) - Des Moines, IA
2021/04/1004/10/2021 Olivet College Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Olivet, MI
2021/04/1004/10/2021 University of Louisville Campus Walk, U of L’s Belknap Campus & Online - Louisville, KY
2021/04/1004/10/2021 West Liberty University Campus Walk, West Liberty University - West Liberty, WV
2021/04/1004/10/2021 Tennessee Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Online, TN
2021/04/1004/10/2021 University of Wisconsin Stout Campus Walk, UW Stout MSC - Menomonie, WI
2021/04/1004/10/2021 American University Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Washington, DC
2021/04/1004/10/2021 UC Berkeley Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Berkeley, CA
2021/04/1004/10/2021 Cooking for a Cause
2021/04/1104/11/2021 IUPUI Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Indianapolis, IN
2021/04/1104/11/2021 University of Michigan Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Ann Arbor, MI
2021/04/1504/15/2021 Chat for Hope: Win a chance to meet Nathalie Emmanuel!
2021/04/1504/15/2021 Gallaudet University Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Washington, DC
2021/04/1504/15/2021 Sacramento State Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Sacramento, CA
2021/04/1604/16/2021 Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 2021, WALT DISNEY WORLD® - Orlando, FL
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Lehigh Valley Campuses and Sigma Nursing Campus Walk, DeSales University Campus and/or Virtual - Allentown/Bethlehem, PA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Michigan State University Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - East Lansing, MI
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Western Pennsylvania Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Western Pennsylvania, PA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Greater Philadelphia Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Philadelphia, PA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 George Washington University Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Washington, DC
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Hudson Valley/Westchester Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Hudson Valley/Westchester, NY
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Las Vegas Experience, Craig Ranch Regional Park - Las Vegas, NV
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Pace University Pleasantville Campus Walk, Alumni Lawn (rain location Gottesman) - Pleasantville, NY
2021/04/1704/17/2021 University of Georgia Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Athens, GA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 University of Kentucky Campus Walk, Greek Park - Lexington, KY
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Holy Family University Campus Walk, Fleuhr Park/Holy Family Univ. Campus - Philadelphia, PA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Iowa State University Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Ames, IA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Purdue University Virtual Campus Walk, Online - West Lafayette, IN
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Reno/Sparks Experience, Sparks Marina - Reno/Sparks, NV
2021/04/1704/17/2021 University of Nebraska at Omaha Campus Walk, University of Nebraska at Omaha - Omaha, NE
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Emporia Campus Walk, Jones Park/Johnson Shelter - Emporia, KS
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Oregon State University Campus Virtual Walk, Presented Virtually! - Corvallis, OR
2021/04/1704/17/2021 University of Wisconsin Whitewater Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Whitewater, WI
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Georgia Institute of Technology Campus Walk, Georgia Tech Campus - Harrison Square - Atlanta, GA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Taste of Georgia, Virtual - Anywhere, GA
2021/04/1804/18/2021 A Light in the Dark Run-Your-Own 5K
2021/04/1804/18/2021 Marywood University Campus Walk, Nay Aug Park - Scranton, PA
2021/04/1804/18/2021 Mercer University - Macon Campus Walk, Mercer University Campus - Macon, GA
2021/04/1804/18/2021 University of Nebraska Lincoln Campus Walk, University of Nebraska- Lincoln Union - Lincoln, NE
2021/04/1804/18/2021 Butler University Campus Walk, Health & Recreation Center - Indianapolis, IN
2021/04/1804/18/2021 Madison Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Madison, WI
2021/04/1904/19/2021 MARATHON IN A MONTH - Team Massachusetts
2021/04/1904/19/2021 MARATHON IN A MONTH - Team Greater Los Angeles & Central Coast
2021/04/2304/23/2021 Run to Save Lives, SOWELA Community College - Jennings, LA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Massachusetts Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Massachusetts - Statewide, MA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Amelia Schools Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Amelia Court House, VA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Central New York Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Central New York, NY
2021/04/2404/24/2021 College of William & Mary Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Williamsburg, VA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Connecticut Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Statewide, CT
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Long Island Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Long Island, NY
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Louisiana Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice! - Louisiana - Statewide, LA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Maryland Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Annapolis, MD
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Mississippi Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Online, MS
2021/04/2404/24/2021 New Jersey Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - New Jersey - Statewide, NJ
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Radford University Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Radford, VA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Shenandoah University Campus Walk, Shenandoah University - Winchester, VA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 South Central New York Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - South Central New York, NY
2021/04/2404/24/2021 University of Virginia Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Charlottesville, VA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Vermont Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice - Statewide, VT
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Virginia Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Virtual, VA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Western New York Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Western New York, NY
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Central Texas Round Rock ISD Campus Walk, Stony Point High School - Round Rock, TX
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Florida Statewide Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Statewide, FL
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Houston Campus Walk, Moonstruck Drive-In - Houston, TX
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Illinois Institute of Technology Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Chicago, IL
2021/04/2404/24/2021 McHenry County Virtual Campus Walk, Online - McHenry County, IL
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Missouri Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Statewide, MO
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Southern Illinois University Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Carbondale, IL
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Idaho Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Idaho - Statewide, ID
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Michigan High Schools Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Michigan - Statewide, MI
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Alabama Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Alabama - Statewide, AL
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Greater Los Angeles/Central Coast Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Greater Los Angeles/Central Coast, CA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 North Carolina Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Virtual, NC
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Arkansas Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Arkansas - Statewide, AR
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Colorado Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Statewide, CO
2021/04/2404/24/2021 San Diego Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice - San Diego, CA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 University of Northern Iowa Campus Walk, Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Ctr. - Cedar Falls, IA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Montana Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Montana - Statewide, MT
2021/04/2404/24/2021 University of Wyoming Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Laramie, WY
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Washington State Chapter VIrtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Statewide, WA
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Utah Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice - Statewide, UT
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Delaware Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Dover, DE
2021/04/2504/25/2021 CRNY Chapter/Northeastern NY Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Chapter-wide, NY
2021/04/2504/25/2021 Kent State University Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice - Kent, OH
2021/04/2504/25/2021 Centre County Walk, Online - State College, PA
2021/04/2504/25/2021 Christopher Newport University Campus Walk, Christopher Newport University - Newport News, VA
2021/04/2504/25/2021 Maine Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice - Statewide, ME
2021/04/2504/25/2021 New Hampshire Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Location of your choice - Statewide, NH
2021/04/2504/25/2021 Kutztown University & Penn State Berks Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Kutztown, PA
2021/04/2504/25/2021 University of North Dakota Campus Walk, UND Campus - Grand Forks, ND
2021/04/2504/25/2021 Rhode Island Chapter Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Statewide, RI
2021/04/2804/28/2021 School Without Walls HS Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Washington, DC
2021/05/0105/01/2021 2021 Ohio Hike For Hope, Trail of Your Choice - Statewide, OH
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Hike for Hope - Hudson Valley & Westchester
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Hoosiers Spring INto Wellness, Location of your choice - Statewide, IN
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Kentucky Virtual Hike for Hope, Trail of Your Choice - Statewide, KY
2021/05/0105/01/2021 MARATHON IN A MONTH - Team Rhode Island
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Maryland Hike for Hope
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Maryland Paws for Prevention
2021/05/0105/01/2021 NC Together Hike for Hope, Trail of Your Choice - Statewide, NC
2021/05/0105/01/2021 New Jersey Spring into Wellness
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Oregon Paws for Prevention, Your Choice - Statewide, OR
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Paws For Prevention in Central and South Central NY
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Step Against Suicide: Every Step Counts
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Western NY Paws for Prevention
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Hike for Hope Nevada County, Trail of Your Choice - Nevada County, CA
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Orange County Hike for Hope, Trail of Your Choice - Orange County, CA
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Pittsburgh Marathon Race Series Run for a Reason, Downtown Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Connecticut Hike For Hope
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Texas A&M Corpus Christi Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Corpus Christi Metro/Surrounding Area, TX
2021/05/0105/01/2021 North Florida Hike for Hope, Seawalk Pavillion (75 1st Street North) - Jacksonville Beach, FL
2021/05/0105/01/2021 San Diego Hike for Hope
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Mobridge/Pollock Campus Walk, Mobridge/Pollock Middle School - Mobridge, SD
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Hike for Hope - Battle of the Branches, Location of your choice - Location of your choice, CA
2021/05/0105/01/2021 University of Southern Mississippi Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - location of your choice - Hattiesburg, MS
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Santa Clarita Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Valencia, CA
2021/05/0105/01/2021 UC San Diego Campus Walk, 9500 Gilman Drive - La Jolla, CA
2021/05/0105/01/2021 University of Indianapolis Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Indianapolis, IN
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Mat-Su Valley Experience, Iditapark, 594 W Nelson Ave #220 - Wasilla, AK
2021/05/0105/01/2021 Golf for Hope - Glow in the Dark Golf Tournament, Continental Golf Club - Scottsdale, AZ
2021/05/0205/02/2021 Plymouth Campus Walk, River Square Park - Plymouth, IN
2021/05/0205/02/2021 Mounds View High School Campus Walk, Virtual, Individual Walk Routes Provided - St. Paul, MN
2021/05/0205/02/2021 CO Golf for Hope, Topgolf 10601 E. Easter Ave. - Centennial, CO
2021/05/0805/08/2021 Bedford Hike for Hope, Claytor Nature Center – U of Lynchburg - 1844 Woods Rd, Bedford, VA 24523, VA
2021/05/0805/08/2021 Keller ISD Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Keller, TX
2021/05/1505/15/2021 South Carolina Virtual Hike for Hope, Trail of Your Choice - Statewide, SC
2021/05/1505/15/2021 San Antonio Hike for Hope, Government Canyon State Park - San Antonio, TX
2021/05/1505/15/2021 AFSP Louisiana Paws for Prevention
2021/05/1505/15/2021 Chabot College Virtual Campus Walk, Online - Hayward, CA
2021/05/1605/16/2021 Chat for Hope: Win a chance to meet Jack Black!
2021/05/2005/20/2021 MI Virtual Hike for Hope, Trail of Your Choice - Statewide, MI
2021/05/2105/21/2021 AFSP SC Cocktails for a Cause: A Virtual Mixology Workshop
2021/05/2205/22/2021 Hike for Hope - Central Arkansas
2021/05/2205/22/2021 Rally to Fight Suicide, Susquehanna Valley Harley Davidson - Harrisburg, PA
2021/05/2205/22/2021 Paws for Prevention - Nebraska, Hall County Park - Grand Island, NE
2021/05/2205/22/2021 West Virginia Hike for Hope 2021, Coopers Rock - Bruceton Mills, WV
2021/05/2205/22/2021 Paddle for Prevention, Juana's - 1451 Navarre Beach Causeway - Navarre, FL
2021/05/2205/22/2021 Fairbanks Experience, Lathrop HS - Track, 901 Airport Way - Fairbanks, AK
2021/05/2305/23/2021 Hike for Hope - Oregon, Trail of Your Choice - Statewide, OR
2021/05/2305/23/2021 CRNY Hike for Hope - Cody's Climb
2021/05/2705/27/2021 Stand Up For Hope, Palm Beach Improv & Virtually - West Palm Beach, FL
2021/05/2905/29/2021 Wisconsin Sweats for AFSP
2021/05/2905/29/2021 Santa Clara University Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Santa Clara, CA
2021/06/0106/01/2021 Hike for Hope- Hawai'i, Trail of Your Choice - Statewide, HI
2021/06/0506/05/2021 Southwest Florida Hike For Hope, Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park - North Port, FL
2021/06/0506/05/2021 Alabama Hike for Hope, Trail of Your Choice - Birmingham, AL
2021/06/0506/05/2021 Greater Philadelphia Ride to Fight Suicide, Westwood Fire Company, 1403 Valley Road - Philadelphia, PA
2021/06/0506/05/2021 Paws for Prevention Western Washington, TBD - Tacoma, WA
2021/06/0606/06/2021 Pups and Peeps Loop the Trails, Paws for Prevention, Sands Point Preserve - Port Washington, NY
2021/06/0706/07/2021 National Capital Area Golf Tournament, Bull Run Golf Club - 3520 James Madison Hwy., Haymarket, VA
2021/06/1106/11/2021 Feeling GRAPE: A Virtual FUNdraiser for Suicide Prevention and AFSP Tennessee
2021/06/1206/12/2021 River of Hope, S&G Outdoors - Logan, WV
2021/06/1206/12/2021 National Capital Area Hike for Hope, Claude Moore Farm Park - Pavilion #2 - 21688 Heritage Farm Lane, Sterling, VA
2021/06/1206/12/2021 The 8th Annual Drive to Survive Car, Truck and Bike show, 208 St. Louis Ave - Fulton, MO
2021/06/1206/12/2021 Grand Island's Ride to Fight for the Cause - Poker Run!, Platte River Harley Davidson - 2719 S Locust St, Grand Island, NE
2021/06/1206/12/2021 Ride to Fight Suicide - Mason City, LD's Filling Station - 620 12th St NE - Mason City, IA
2021/06/1206/12/2021 UC Davis Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Davis, CA
2021/06/1206/12/2021 Maine Hike for Hope
2021/06/1206/12/2021 NH Virtual Hike for Hope
2021/06/1306/13/2021 New Jersey Ride to Fight Suicide, Elks Lodge of Wayne - Wayne, NJ
2021/06/1306/13/2021 Tahoe/Truckee Hike for Hope, Donner State Memorial Park - Truckee, CA
2021/06/1306/13/2021 Lincoln County Ride to Fight Suicide, Chariots of Fire Customs, LLC - 2113 Alexandria Crossing, Troy, MO
2021/06/1306/13/2021 Johnson County Hike for Hope, Crazy Woman Square - Buffalo, WY
2021/06/1306/13/2021 Southwest Florida AFSPinot, Siesta Key Beach - Sarasota, FL
2021/06/1706/17/2021 AFSPinot Mississippi
2021/06/1906/19/2021 Team AFSP at Grandma's Marathon, Canal Park - Duluth, MN
2021/06/1906/19/2021 DMHA Virtual Campus Walk, Virtual - Dover, NH
2021/06/1906/19/2021 Paws for Prevention - New Hampshire, Colburn Park - Lebanon, NH
2021/06/1906/19/2021 Hike for Hope Washington State Trails
2021/06/2606/26/2021 Vermont Together Virtual Hike For Hope, Location of your choosing - Statewide, VT
2021/06/2606/26/2021 Ride to Fight Suicide - Greater Kansas Chapter, Outlaw Harley Davidson - Blue Springs, MO
2021/06/2606/26/2021 4th Annual Utah Ride to Fight Suicide, Golden Spike Harley - 5152 1500 W. - Riverdale, UT
2021/06/2606/26/2021 Ride to Fight Suicide Washington State
2021/06/2606/26/2021 A Taste for Hope 2021, 9524 Westlake Dr - Eagle River, 99577, AK
2021/07/0307/03/2021 Peachtree Road Race - Team AFSP Georgia, Lenox Square and Virtual - Atlanta, GA
2021/07/1007/10/2021 Ride to Fight Suicide - NH to Maine Poker Run, Stars and Stripes Brewing Company - Freeport, ME
2021/07/1207/12/2021 10th Annual Columbia Charity Golf Tournament, Country Club of Lexington County - Lexington, SC
2021/07/1707/17/2021 NWA Ride to Fight Suicide, Pig Trail Harley - Rogers, AR
2021/09/0309/03/2021 46Climbs 2021
2021/09/1109/11/2021 St. John Valley Walk, Lion's Pavilion - Fort Kent, ME
2021/09/1109/11/2021 Bozeman Walk, Lindley Park - Bozeman, MT
2021/09/1109/11/2021 Salt Lake City Walk, Veteran's Memorial Park West Jordan - Salt Lake City, UT
2021/09/1109/11/2021 Missoula Walk, Ogren Park at Allegiance Field - Missoula, MT
2021/09/1109/11/2021 Anchorage Walk, Chuck Albrecht Softball Complex - Anchorage, AK
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Carroll County Maryland Walk, Krimgold Park - Woodbine, MD
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Pittsburgh Walk, Highmark Stadium - Pittsburgh, PA
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Campbell County Walk, Sage Valley Junior High - Gillette, WY
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Northland Walk, Leif Erickson Park - Duluth, MN
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Fort Collins Walk, Spring Canyon Park - Veterans Plaza - Fort Collins, CO
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Greater Northeast Pennsylvania Walk, Kirby Park - Wilkes Barre, PA
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Northeast Colorado Walk, Legion Field - Fort Morgan, CO
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Indianapolis Walk, White River State Park Celebration Plaza - Indianapolis, IN
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Arcata Walk, Arcata Plaza - Arcata, CA
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Chesterton Walk, Venue TBD - City TBD, IN
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Lassen County Walk, Memorial Park - Susanville, CA
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Fargo/Moorhead Area Walk, Scheels Arena - Fargo, ND
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Butte Walk, Butte Chamber of Commerce / Visitor Ctr - Butte, MT
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Macon Walk, Venue TBD - Macon, GA
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Troy/Warrenton Maze Walk, Eagle Fork Pumpkin Patch - Moscow Mills, MO
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Atlantic-Cape Walk, Boardwalk and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino - Atlantic City, NJ
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Central MA/Worcester Walk, Venue TBD - Worcester, MA
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Concord Walk, New Hampshire State House Lawn - Concord, NH
2021/09/1809/18/2021 St. Joseph County Walk, Howard Park - St. Joseph County, IN
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Buffalo Walk, Canalside - Buffalo, NY
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Greater Ithaca Walk, Myers Park - Ithaca, NY
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Lake Charles Walk, McNeese Cowboy Stadium - Lake Charles, LA
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Mississippi Gulf Coast Walk, Mississippi Coast Coliseum - Biloxi, MS
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Aberdeen South Dakota Walk, Odde Ice Center - Aberdeen, SD
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Albert Lea Walk, Trinity Lutheran Church - Albert Lea, MN
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Annapolis Walk, Date/Venue TBA - Annapolis, MD
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Cedar City Walk, Main Street Park - Cedar City, UT
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Coffee County Walk, Rotary Park - Manchester, TN
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Denver Metro Event, Coors Field - Denver, CO
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Huron Area Walk, Campbell Park - Huron, SD
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Lake Region ND Walk, Ruger Park (area outside warming house) - Devils Lake, ND
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Mankato Walk, Sibley Park - Mankato, MN
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Oklahoma City Walk, Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City, OK
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Traverse City/Northern Michigan Walk, The Open Space - Traverse City, MI
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Central Wisconsin Walk, Agra Pavilion/Riverbend Trail - Merrill, WI
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Chippewa Valley Walk, River Prairie Park, Large Pavilion - Altoona, WI
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Albuquerque Walk, Hoffmantown Church - Albuquerque, NM
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Black Hills Walk, Box Elder Event Center - Box Elder (Pennington County), SD
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Box Elder County Walk, Mantua Reservoir - Brigham City, UT
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Central Utah Walk, City Park - Richfield, UT
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Columbia County Oregon Walk, Scappoose Heritage Park - Scappoose, OR
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Northwoods Walk, Ojibwa Park - Ojibwa, WI
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Omaha Area Walk, Stinson Park at Aksarben Village - Omaha, NE
2021/09/1809/18/2021 St. George Walk, Sullivan Virgin River Soccer Park - Washington, UT
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Tahlequah Walk, Norris Park - Tahlequah, OK
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Ventura County Walk, Venue TBD - Camarillo, CA
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Williston Walk, Venue TBD - Williston, ND
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Eastern Montana Walk, Central Park - Sidney, MT
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Eastern Washington Walk, Venue TBD - Spokane, WA
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Beatrice Walk, Large Tabernacle at Chautauqua Park - Beatrice, NE
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Cambria County Walk, Central Park - Johnstown, PA
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Cape Girardeau Walk, Cape County Park (South) - Cape Girardeau, MO
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Lorain Walk, Black River Landing - Lorain, OH
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Central Oregon Walk, Pilot Butte Community Park - Bend, OR
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Northwest Missouri Walk, South Harrison High School - Bethany, MO
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Sheridan County Walk, Whitney Commons - Sheridan, WY
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Carlisle Walk, Carlisle Fairgrounds - Carlisle, PA
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Wahpeton/Breckenridge Walk, Chahinkapa Park - Wahpeton, ND
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Morris County Walk, Cougar Field - Chatham Township, NJ
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Downeast Maine Walk, Triangle Park - Calais, ME
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Greater Portland Maine Area Walk, Fort Allen Park * Eastern Promenade - Portland, ME
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Montgomery County Maryland Walk, Venue TBD - Germantown, MD
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Orange County New York Walk, Earl Reservoir Loop-35-29 Schunnemunk Rd - Highland Mills, NY
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Niantic Walk, Mc Cook's Point Park - Niantic, CT
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Twin Cities Walk, Como Park Picnic Pavilion - Twin Cities, MN
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Columbus Indiana Walk, Mill Race Park Boat Ramp Shelter - Columbus, IN
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Manassas Walk, Harris Pavilion - Manassas, VA
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Blair County Walk, Lakemont Park - Altoona, PA
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Grand Rapids/West Michigan Walk, Millennium Park - Grand Rapids, MI
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Minot Walk, Oak Park - Minot, ND
2021/09/1909/19/2021 North Country Walk, Venue TBD - Lake Placid, NY
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Northwest Indiana Walk, Venue TBD - Highland, IN
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Hopkinsville Walk, Hopkinsville Rail Trail - Hopkinsville, KY
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Oakland/Rochester/Macomb Walk, Stony Creek Metropark Eastwood Beach - Oakland/Rochester/Macomb, MI
2021/09/1909/19/2021 White County Walk, Pine View Golf Course - Monticello, IN
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Cameron Walk, Dave Goodwin Memorial Field - Cameron, MO
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Central Iowa Walk, Venue TBA - Ankeny, IA
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Yellowstone Valley Walk, Will James Middle School - Billings, MT
2021/09/1909/19/2021 Sidney Walk, Legion Park Field #3 - Sidney, NE
2021/09/2409/24/2021 AFSP / MSP Tennis Tournament, Innisbrook, A Salamander Golf/Spa Resort - Palm Harbor, FL
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Northeastern North Carolina Walk, ECSU's Roebuck Stadium - Elizabeth City, NC
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Savannah Walk, Lake Mayer - Savannah, GA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Belle Fourche Walk, Through Town and River Walk Path - Belle Fourche, SD
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Berks County Walk, Jim Dietrich Park - Reading, PA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Central Florida Ride to Fight Suicide, Apopka Elks Lodge #2422 - Apopka, FL
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Easton Walk, Venue TBD - Easton, MA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Elizabethtown Walk, Central Hardin High School - Elizabethtown, KY
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Franklin County MA Walk, Venue TBD - Turner Falls, MA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Jersey Shore Walk, Venue TBD - City TBD, NJ
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Mid-Shore Maryland Walk, Idlewild Park, Easton - Easton, MD
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Nashua Area Walk, Greeley Park Hat Shell - Nashua, NH
2021/09/2509/25/2021 North Shore Walk, Venue TBD - Wakefield, MA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Northern Rhode Island Walk, Venue TBD - Providence, RI
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Ocean City Walk, Venue TBD - Ocean City, MD
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Oneonta/Otsego County Walk, 6th Ward Booster Club Field - Oneonta, NY
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Red Wing Walk, Colvill Park - Red Wing, MN
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Tulsa Metro Walk, Riverwalk Jenks - Tulsa, OK
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Elk County Walk, Venue TBD - Saint Mary's, PA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Erie Walk, Presque Isle State Pk - Rotary Pavilion - Erie, PA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Pasadena Texas Walk, Venue TBD - Pasadena, TX
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Quincy Walk, South Park - Quincy, IL
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Sioux City/Tri-State Area Walk, Chris Larsen Park - Sioux City, IA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Tyler Walk, Venue TBD - Tyler, TX
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Vernal Walk, Colton Pavillion - Vernal, UT
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Bedford Township Walk, Indian Creek Park - Temperance, MI
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Fremont County Walk, Centennial Park - Canon City, CO
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Macomb/McDonough County Walk, Macomb City Hall - 232 E Jackson Street - Macomb, IL
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Oxford Walk, Ole Miss Campus - Oxford, MS
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Santa Barbara Walk, Venue TBD - Santa Barbara, CA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Sioux Falls Walk, Levitt at the Falls, 504 N Phillips Ave - Sioux Falls, SD
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Virginia Beach Walk, Mt. Trashmore - Virginia Beach, VA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Willmar Walk, Robbins Island - Willmar, MN
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Wichita Area Walk, High Park, Zimmerman Pavilion - Derby, KS
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Coos County Walk, Mingus Park - North Bend, OR
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Eastern Oregon Walk, Roy Raley Park - Pendleton, OR
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Kitsap County Walk, Venue TBD - Bremerton, WA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Mid-Ohio Valley Walk, Parkersburg City Park - Parkersburg, WV
2021/09/2509/25/2021 San Francisco Walk, Pier 27 - San Francisco, CA
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Western Slope Walk, Venue TBD - Glenwood Springs, CO
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Southern Oregon Walk, Pear Blossom Park - Medford, OR
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Eastern Panhandle West Virginia Walk, War Memorial Park - Martinsburg, WV
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Grand Island Walk, Venue TBA - Grand Island, NE
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Waco Walk, Brazos Park East (Pending) - Waco, TX
2021/09/2609/26/2021 East End Long Island Walk, Venue TBD - City TBD, NY
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Southern Rhode Island Walk, Venue TBD - Bristol, RI
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Capital Region Walk for R.I.T.A., Orenda Pavilion, Saratoga State Park - Saratoga Springs, NY
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Dutchess & Ulster Counties Walk, Walkway Over the Hudson (pending) - Highland, NY
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Alexandria Walk, City Park - Alexandria, MN
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Midcoast Maine Walk, Waterfront Park - Bath, ME
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Tippecanoe County Walk, Lafayette Jeff High School - Lafayette, IN
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Clinton County Walk, Riverview Park - Lock Haven, PA
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Delaware County Walk, SUNY Delhi through Village of Delhi - Delhi, NY
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Kalamazoo/Southwest Michigan Walk, Celery Flats - Portage, MI
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Lansing / Capital Area Walk, Adado Riverfront Park - Lansing, MI
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Rogers City Walk, Rogers City Area Senior Center - Rogers City, MI
2021/09/2609/26/2021 St. Louis Walk, Creve Coeur Lake Park, Tremayne Pavilion - St. Louis, MO
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Eugene Walk, Alton Baker Park - Eugene, OR
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Loudoun Walk, Ida Lee Park - Leesburg, VA
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Snohomish County Walk, Venue TBD - Everett, WA
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Central Carolina Walk, Fleming Loop Park - Fuquay Varina, NC
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Fort Wayne Walk, Headwaters Park - Fort Wayne, IN
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Williams County Walk, Montpelier Municipal Park - Montpelier, OH
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Anderson Walk, Anderson Speedway - Anderson, IN
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Bismarck/Mandan Walk, North Dakota State Capitol Building - Bismarck, ND
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Central Montana Walk, Gibson Park - Great Falls, MT
2021/09/2609/26/2021 Northwest Arkansas Walk, Orchards Park - Bentonville, AR
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Columbia-Greene Walk, Dutchman's Landing - Catskill, NY
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Palm Beach County Walk, South Florida Fair - West Palm Beach, FL
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Richmond Virginia Walk, Byrd Park - Richmond, VA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Bonham Walk, Legacy Ridge Country Club - Bonham, TX
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Havre de Grace Walk, Venue TBD - Havre de Grace, MD
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Berkshire County Walk, Venue TBD - Pittsfield, MA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Central Mississippi Walk, Strawberry Patch Park - Madison, MS
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Central Piedmont Walk, Statesville High School Stadium - Statesville, NC
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Chicagoland Walk, Montrose Harbor - Chicago, IL
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Hagerstown Walk, Venue TBD - Hagerstown, MD
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Hamilton Walk, Veterans Park - Hamilton, NJ
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Knoxville Walk, The Cove at Concord Park - Knoxville, TN
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Lynchburg Walk, Riverfront Park - Lynchburg, VA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 North Central Ohio Walk, Freer Field - Ashland, OH
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Portsmouth Walk, Pierce Island - Portsmouth, NH
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Rockland County Walk, Venue TBD - City TBD, NY
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Salem-Roanoke Walk, Venue TBD - Salem, VA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 South Shore/Cape Cod Walk, Venue TBD - Bourne, MA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 St. Cloud Walk, Lake George - St. Cloud, MN
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Brookfield NY Walk, Brookfield Town Park - Brookfield, NY
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Broome/Tioga County Walk, Otsiningo Park - Binghamton, NY
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Lawrence County Walk, Riverwalk Amphitheatre - New Castle, PA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Morgantown Walk, Krepps Park - Morgantown, WV
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Rochester Minnesota Walk, PrairieCare Medical Group - Rochester, MN
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Staten Island Walk, Venue TBD - Staten Island, NY
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Mason City Walk, Southbridge Mall - Mason City, IA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Rochester NY Walk, Veterans Memorial Park - Penfield, NY
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Portland Oregon Walk, Veterans Memorial Coliseum - Portland, OR
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Greater Kansas City Walk - KS & MO, Aspiria (former Sprint World HQ) - Overland Park, KS
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Greater Kansas City Walk - KS & MO, Aspiria (former Sprint World HQ) - Overland Park, KS, MO
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Modesto Walk, Graceda Park - Modesto, CA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Toledo Walk, Promenade Park - Toledo, OH
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Whatcom County Walk, Venue TBD - Bellingham, WA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Greater Thurston County Walk, Venue TBD - Olympia, WA
2021/10/0210/02/2021 Onslow County Walk, Venue TBD - Jacksonville, NC
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Greater Philadelphia Walk, Venue TBD - Philadelphia, PA
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Miami Walk, Tropical Park - Miami, FL
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Bangor Walk, Venue TBD - Bangor, ME
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Delaware Walk, Venue TBD - Location TBD, DE
2021/10/0310/03/2021 MetroWest Walk, Venue TBD - Natick, MA
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Mohawk Valley Walk, MVCC Utica Campus - Utica, NY
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Hamden/New Haven Walk, Venue TBD - Hamden, CT
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Greater Lehigh Valley Walk, Lehigh Parkway - Allentown, PA
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Schenectady Walk, Central Park - Schenectady, NY
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Chattanooga Walk, Venue TBD - Chattanooga, TN
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Columbus Ohio Walk, Venue TBD - Columbus, OH
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Huntingdon County Walk, Detwiler Memorial Park - Huntingdon, PA
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Mifflin-Juniata Walk, Kish Park - Lewiston, PA
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Richmond California Walk, Marina Bay Park (if in-person) - Richmond, CA
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Southwest Washington Walk, Venue TBD - Aberdeen, WA
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Western North Carolina Walk, Venue TBD - Haywood County, NC
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Bloomington Indiana Walk, Venue TBD - Bloomington, IN
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Upstate Area Spartanburg Walk, Duncan Park - Spartanburg, SC
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Wiregrass Walk, Venue TBD - Dothan, AL
2021/10/0310/03/2021 Lubbock Walk, Venue TBD - Lubbock, TX
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Monroe City Walk, Mosswood Meadows Golf Course - Monroe City, MO
2021/10/0910/09/2021 St. Petersburg Walk, Vinoy Park - Mole - St. Petersburg, FL
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Greater Fredericksburg Walk, John Lee Pratt Park - Fredericksburg, VA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Triad Area Walk, Triad Park - Kernersville, NC
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Harrisburg Walk, FNB Field - Harrisburg, PA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Howard County Walk, Venue TBD - Columbia, MD
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Stephens City Walk, Sherando High School and Sherando Park - Stephens City, VA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Virginia Peninsula Walk, Newport News Park - Newport News, VA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Syracuse/Liverpool Walk, Long Branch Park - Liverpool, NY
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Bayou Region Walk, Peltier Park - Thibodaux, LA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Bristol Connecticut Walk, Rockwell Park - Bristol, CT
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Downriver Walk, Lake Erie Metro Park - Rockwood, MI
2021/10/0910/09/2021 East Central Indiana Walk, Wayne County Fairgrounds - Richmond, IN
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Greater Fort Hood Walk, Harker Heights Communiity Park - Harker Heights, TX
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Madison Indiana Walk, Bicentennial Park - Madison, IN
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Mineral Area Walk, Engler Park - Farmington, MO
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Nisswa Walk, The Pines at Grand View Lodge - Nisswa, MN
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Queens Walk, Venue TBD - Astoria (Queens), NY
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Winfield Walk, Island Park - Winfield, KS
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Camden County Walk, Vista Deck at Cooper River Park - Pennsauken, NJ
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Oakley Walk, Cypress Grove Park - Oakley, CA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 San Luis Obispo Walk, Venue TBD - San Luis Obispo, CA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Treasure Valley Walk, Kleiner Park - Meridian, ID
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Fairfax Walk, Veterans Amphitheater - Fairfax, VA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Cleveland Walk, Venue TBD - Cleveland, OH
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Placer County Walk, Railhead Park - Auburn, CA
2021/10/0910/09/2021 LaSalle County Walk, Jordan Block Park - Ottawa, IL
2021/10/0910/09/2021 River Valley Walk, Venue TBD - River Valley, AR
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Salem Oregon Walk, Riverfront Park - Salem, OR
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Southern West Virginia Walk, Princeton High School - Princeton, WV
2021/10/0910/09/2021 Crawford County Walk, Robinson City Park - Robinson, IL
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Race AFSP 2021, Chicago Marathon - Chicago, IL
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Tuscaloosa Walk, Venue and Date TBD - Tuscaloosa, AL
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Bronx Walk, Venue TBD - Bronx, NY
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Essex County Walk, Verona Park - Bandstand - Verona, NJ
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Watertown Walk, Thompson Park - Watertown, NY
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Milwaukee Walk, Veterans Park - Milwaukee, WI
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Ann Arbor Walk, Hudson Mills Metropark - Dexter, MI
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Cincinnati Walk, Sawyer Point - Cincinnati, OH
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Jefferson County Missouri Walk, Walthers Park - De Soto, MO
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Santa Rosa Walk, Howarth Park - Santa Rosa, CA
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Tri-County Indiana Walk, Venue TBD - St. Meinrad, IN
2021/10/1010/10/2021 Permian Basin Walk, Memorial Gardens Park - Odessa, TX
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Greater Shenandoah Valley/Charlottesville Walk, Gypsy Hill Park - Staunton, VA
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Oakland Walk, Colonades - Oakland, CA
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Burlington County Walk, Laurel Acers Park - Mount Laurel, NJ
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Carroll County KY Walk, Point Park - Carrollton, KY
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Frederick Walk, Venue TBD - Frederick, MD
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Hartford Area Walk, Mortensen Plaza/ Riverfront Plaza - Hartford, CT
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Merrimack Valley Walk, Venue TBD - Lowell, MA
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Metro Detroit Walk, Downtown Ferndale - Ferndale, MI
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Westchester County Walk, Harbor Island Park - Mamaroneck, NY
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Claremont Walk, Claremont Visitors Center - Claremont, NH
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Huntington West Virginia Walk, Harris Riverfront Park - Huntington, WV
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Nashville Walk, Venue TBD - Nashville, TN
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Dodge County Walk, Dodge County Fairgrounds (Tentative) - Beaver Dam, WI
2021/10/1610/16/2021 St. Mary Parish Walk, Bayou Vista Community Center - St. Mary Parish, LA
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Coachella Valley Walk, Palm Desert Civic Center Park - Palm Desert, CA
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Inland Empire Walk, Rancho Cucamonga Epicenter Stadium - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Orange County California Walk, Mile Square Park or Virtual - Fountain Valley, CA
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Southern Arizona Walk, Gene C. Reid Park - Tucson, AZ
2021/10/1610/16/2021 York County Walk, Cherry Park - Rock Hill, SC
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Sandhills Region Walk, Venue TBA - Fayetteville, NC
2021/10/1610/16/2021 Springfield Illinois Walk, Southwind Park - Hope Pavilion - Springfield, IL
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Bergen County Walk, Saddle River County Park – Otto C Pehle - Saddle Brook, NJ
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Gloucester County Walk, Gloucester County Institute of Tech. - Sewell, NJ
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Putnam County Walk, Putnam County Social Services Building - Carmel Hamlet, NY
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Brooklyn Walk, Venue TBD - Brooklyn, NY
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Yates County Walk, Keuka Lake State Park - Branchport, NY
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Dayton Walk, Welcome Stadium - Dayton, OH
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Bowling Green Area Walk, Ephram White Park - Bowling Green, KY
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Franklin County Missouri Walk, Union City Park - Union, MO
2021/10/1710/17/2021 North Alabama Walk, Ditto Landing, 293 Ditto Landing Road SE - Huntsville, AL
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Charleston Capital Area Walk, Haddad Riverfront Park - Charleston, WV
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Greater Baton Rouge Walk, TBD - Baton Rouge, LA
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Charlotte County Walk, Laishley Park - Punta Gorda, FL
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Cumberland County Walk, Cumberland County Tech. Education Center - Vineland, NJ
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Austin Walk, Venue TBD - Austin, TX
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Greater Springfield Walk, School Street Park - Springfield, MA
2021/10/2310/23/2021 St. Augustine Walk, Venue TBD - St. Augustine, FL
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Memphis Mid-South Walk, Memphis Botanic Garden - Memphis, TN
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Myrtle Beach Walk, Broadway at the Beach - Myrtle Beach, SC
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Suffolk Walk, Bennetts Creek Park - Suffolk, VA
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Walworth County Walk, Walworth County Fairgrounds - Elkhorn, WI
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Greater Los Angeles Santa Monica Walk, Venue TBD - Santa Monica, CA
2021/10/2310/23/2021 San Diego Walk, NTC Park Park at Liberty Station - San Diego, CA
2021/10/2310/23/2021 North Mississippi Walk, Veterans Park - Tupelo, MS
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Sierra Vista Walk, Veterans Memorial Park - Sierra Vista, AZ
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Topeka Walk, Garfield Park Shelter House - Topeka, KS
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Columbus Nebraska Walk, Pawnee Park Stadium - Columbus, NE
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Hot Springs Walk, Downtown Hot Springs - Hot Springs, AR
2021/10/2310/23/2021 Washington DC Walk, Lincoln Memorial - Washington, DC
2021/10/2410/24/2021 2021 Marine Corps Marathon and 10K - Team Maryland, Pentagon City - Arlington, VA
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Sarasota Walk, Nathan Benderson Park - Sarasota, FL
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Hoboken Walk, Location in Hoboken TBA soon - Hoboken, NJ
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Long Island Walk, Venue TBD - City TBD, NY
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Southern Maryland Walk, Venue TBD - St. Mary's, MD
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Fairfield County Walk, Venue TBD - Fairfield County, CT
2021/10/2410/24/2021 New York City Walk, Pier 16 - South Street Seaport - New York, NY
2021/10/2410/24/2021 South Bay Community Walk, Arena Green West - San Jose, CA
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Seattle Walk, Venue TBD - Seattle, WA
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Charleston Area Walk, Riverfront Park - Charleston, SC
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Columbia Area Walk, Columbia Canal & Riverfront Park - Columbia, SC
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Columbia Missouri Walk, Stephen's Park - Columbia, MO
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Shoals Walk, Florence High School - Florence, AL
2021/10/2410/24/2021 South Alabama Walk, Daphne City Hall - Daphne, AL
2021/10/2410/24/2021 Barrow County Walk, First Christian Church (DOC) - Winder, GA
2021/10/3010/30/2021 Dallas Walk, Venue TBD - Dallas, TX
2021/10/3010/30/2021 Baltimore Walk, Venue/Date TBD - Baltimore, MD
2021/10/3010/30/2021 Boston Area Walk, Venue TBD - Boston, MA
2021/10/3010/30/2021 Ocala Walk, Sholom Park - 7110 SW 80th Ave. - Ocala, FL
2021/10/3010/30/2021 Northwest Louisiana Walk, Veterans Park - Shreveport, LA
2021/10/3010/30/2021 Fresno Walk, Woodward Park - Mountain View Shelter - Fresno, CA
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Goldsboro Area Walk, Herman Park - Goldsboro, NC
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Puerto Rico Walk, Venue TBA - City TBA, PR
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Bristol Virginia Walk, Sugar Hollow Park - Bristol, VA
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Gainesville Walk, Venue TBD - Gainesville, FL
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Danville South Central Walk, Ballou Park - Danville, VA
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Greater Houston Area Walk, Town Green Park - The Woodlands, TX
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Greater New Orleans Walk, LaSalle Park, 6600 Airline Dr., Metairie - New Orleans, LA
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Jackson Walk, Venue TBD - Jackson, TN
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Louisville Walk, Waterfront Park - Louisville, KY
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Prosper Walk, Windsong Ranch - Prosper, TX
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Charlotte Metro Walk, Symphony Park - Charlotte, NC
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Greater Los Angeles Pasadena Walk, Venue TBD - Pasadena, CA
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Prescott Walk, A. C. Williams Granite Creek Park - Prescott, AZ
2021/11/0611/06/2021 Sacramento Walk, State Capitol - West Steps - Sacramento, CA
2021/11/0711/07/2021 Middlesex County Walk, Thompson Park - Jamesburg, NJ
2021/11/0711/07/2021 San Antonio Walk, Nelson Wolff Stadium - San Antonio, TX
2021/11/0711/07/2021 Hilton Head/Bluffton Walk, Oyster Factory Park - Bluffton, SC
2021/11/0711/07/2021 Wilmington Area Walk, Wrightsville Beach Park - Wilmington, NC
2021/11/0711/07/2021 Aiken Walk, H. Odell Weeks Center - Aiken, SC
2021/11/0711/07/2021 Atlanta Walk, Piedmont Park - Atlanta, GA
2021/11/0711/07/2021 Birmingham Alabama Walk, Veterans Park - 4800 Valleydale Rd - Birmingham, AL
2021/11/0711/07/2021 Little Rock Walk, Venue TBD - Little Rock, AR
2021/11/1311/13/2021 Jacksonville Walk, Treaty Oak Park - 1207 Prudential Drive - Jacksonville, FL
2021/11/1311/13/2021 Pasco County Walk, Sims Park - New Port Richey, FL
2021/11/1311/13/2021 Acadiana Walk, Youngsville Sports Complex - Youngsville, LA
2021/11/1311/13/2021 Northeast Arkansas Walk, Craighead Forest Park - Jonesboro, AR
2021/11/1311/13/2021 Phoenix Area Walk, Salt River Fields - Phoenix, AZ
2021/11/1311/13/2021 NC Together Virtual Community Walk, Virtual - Statewide, NC
2021/11/1411/14/2021 Texarkana Walk, Bobby Ferguson Park - Texarkana, AR
2021/12/0412/04/2021 Polk County Walk, Southern Landing - Thomas B. Mack Park - Lakeland, FL
2021/12/0412/04/2021 Tampa Walk, Al Lopez Park - Tampa, FL
2022/02/0502/05/2022 Orlando Walk, Baldwin Park - Orlando, FL
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