Out of the Darkness Wellness Challenge FAQ

  1. Do I have to be registered for an Out of the Darkness Experience to join the Wellness Challenge?
    In order to have the most impact during the challenge and beyond, you should register for an Out of the Darkness Experience prior to joining the challenge.
  2. Does the app connect to my personal fundraising page?
    No, at this time the Kilter Rewards app and Wellness Challenge are completely independent from your Out of the Darkness event. Additionally, if you join a Division team for the challenge, it will not impact your event registration or team status.
  3. Do I have to join a Division team to join the Wellness Challenge?
    While you are not required to join a Division team, we recommend that you do for an enhanced sense of community and for more relevant information about AFSP activities and events.
  4. What happens if I signed up for the wrong team, or joined as an individual and want to move to a Division Team?
    If you need to move prior to August 3rd, the fastest way to change your team affiliation is to log in to the app, view the challenge home page by clicking "Events" and then selecting "AFSP Out of the Darkness Wellness Challenge" from your event list, then clicking the 3 dots on the top right corner of your screen and clicking "Leave Challenge." You'll then rejoin the challenge and select the correct team.

    Once the challenge has started (August 3rd or later), you'll need to email the team at Kilter Rewards to have them move you to the correct team so you don't lose any of your points. Please reach out to them at friends@kilterrewards.com
  5. Do I have to track an action or the same action every day?
    You do not have to track the same action, or any action, every day. This challenge is for you, so please track the activities you want to and track them at your own convenience. During the event, you will earn 100 points every day you complete a goal. You can also earn bonuses for hitting daily streaks and participating in different activities posted. Check out how to enter manual activities.
  6. What if my action is under 30 minutes? 
    The app only registers activities that are 30+ minutes. For activities less than 30 minutes, we recommend entering the timing into the name of your activity, and then saying it was 30 minutes in duration so it populates in the app.
  7. How many actions can I track per day?
    You can track one action per day. We encourage you to manually enter your combined daily activities at the end of each day. Read about how to enter manual activities.
  8. Is there a code for Kilter?
    You do not need to enter a code in Kilter Rewards to join this event.
  9. Do I have to pay to join Kilter?
    There is no registration fee or donation required to join Kilter. Please make sure you are joining the event titled "AFSP Out of the Darkness Wellness Campaign" in the app.
  10. Do I have to track my activities in the app to participate?
    You can only earn points by using the Kilter Rewards app, but we encourage everyone to participate on social media by sharing your daily actions and tagging them with #OutoftheDarkness and #TogetherToFightSuicide. We'll also be providing some social media tools to help you log your actions, so keep an eye on the Wellness Challenge homepage for more information.
  11. What is the purpose of this challenge?
    The goal is to bring daily mindfulness to mental health and suicide prevention as we head into 2020 National Suicide Prevention Week (September 6th-12th) and the Out of the Darkness event season. Additionally, it helps foster a sense of community online as you see fellow participants across the country working #TogetherToFightSuicide.

If you have additional questions about the Wellness Challenge or our Out of the Darkness Experiences, please email us at walks@afsp.org.

If you have specific questions about the Kilter Rewards app, please reach out to their support team at friends@kilterrewards.com