The Campus Walk's version of March Madness!

The Campus Walk Bracket will be from April 3rd - May 7th! 

First Round entries are based on the total amount raised at 12am PST on April 3rd. Due to fewer walks this year, we are starting with 32 Walks.

Each new bracket entry and round is as follows:

First Round - April 3rd - April 9th

Savvy 16 - April 10th -  April 16th

Excellent 8 - April 17th - April 23rd

FTW Four  - April 24th - April 30th

Championship - May 1st - May 7th

The Winning Campus Walk will be announced May 8th!

The participants of the winning walk who raise $50+ during the Campus Walk Bracket (April 3 - May 7) will receive a $10 credit to the AFSP Store!