Welcome to the 2020 Out of the Darkness Wellness Challenge!

We're kicking off our 2020 Out of the Darkness season with a six week wellness challenge, in partnership with Kilter Rewards. Starting Monday, August 3rd, you'll take action for suicide prevention by tracking your daily activities using the Kilter Rewards app. Join us and show the world that we're #TogetherToFightSuicide.

Challenge Details

The challenge will run for 6 weeks, starting Monday, August 3rd and ending Sunday, September 13th. During this time, you will take an action each day to show your support of the cause while earning points for completing activities that benefit your overall health and wellbeing, raise awareness for suicide prevention, and let others know you care.

Activities can include:

  • Fitness activities like walking, running, biking, pilates
  • Self-care activities like reading, writing, coloring, dancing
  • Receiving donations to your Out of the Darkness fundraising page
  • Mindful minutes including meditation, stretching, reflecting
  • Checking in on someone and having a #RealConvo

The possibilities are limitless but the goal is simple: take at least one action a day that brings a sense of mindfulness to why mental health and suicide prevention are important to you.

Join a Challenge Team

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is powered by volunteer-led chapters in all 50 states. Every chapter belongs to one of five regional Divisions - Northeastern, East Central, Central, Southern, and Western. Each week throughout the challenge, we'll highlight different staff, chapters, volunteers, and participants from each Division. Show support of your local communities by joining one of our Division Teams!

AFSP Division Map

Learn more about your Division's Team

 Central Division East Central Division Northeastern Division

Southern DivisionWestern Division

Note: The wellness challenge is independent of your Out of the Darkness event, and your affiliation with a Division team will not impact your event registration or team status. You are not required to join a Division Team to participate in the wellness challenge. If you'd prefer to participate without a Division affiliation, select "Individuals (No AFSP Division Team)" when signing up for the challenge in the Kilter app.

Get Started

Next Steps

  • Once you've downloaded the app, choose JOIN EVENT and create your account (Event name: AFSP Out of the Darkness Wellness Campaign)
  • Click the "Join" button on the event page (whether you're opting to join a Division Team or not)
  • Scroll the list to find your Division team, or select Individuals (No AFSP Division Team) if you don't want a Division affiliation
  • Complete your profile and review the event rules
  • Post your daily activities on social media using #OutoftheDarkness and #TogetherToFightSuicide

During the challenge, you will earn 100 POINTS every day you complete a goal. You can also earn bonuses for hitting daily streaks and participating in different activities posted. Check out the general points flier and how to enter manual activities. If you have additional questions, please view our Wellness Challenge FAQ.

If you have any questions about AFSP and your local Out of the Darkness events, please email walks@afsp.org.

If you have specific questions about the Kilter app, please reach out to their support team at friends@kilterrewards.com.

Share the challenge on social media

Download and share the graphics below and invite people to join the challenge with you! It starts August 3rd and will remain open to new participants until it ends on Sunday, September 13th. We'll highlight weekly leaders in addition to overall, so it's never too late to step up to the challenge! Don't forget to use the hashtags #OutoftheDarkness and #TogetherToFightSuicide.

Download these Instagram story backgrounds to share your daily and weekly challenge progress! Simply enter the date and your activity, then enter a checkmark, gif, or emoji in the bubble when your activity for that day is completed. Be sure to tag @afspnational and use #OutoftheDarkness and #TogetherToFightSuicide.

Instagram background 1 - blue with yellowInstagram background 2 - green and poppyInstagram backround 3 - poppy and dark blue

Instagram story backround 4 - pink and green Instagram story background 5 - pink and dark blueInstagram story background 6 - blue and yellow

Share your challenge story for the chance to be featured

Throughout the challenge we'll be featuring a number of AFSP Staff, Volunteers, and Participants on our website, on social media, and in email updates so you can get to know your community.

Featured participants must be registered for both an Out of the Darkness Experience and the Wellness Challenge on the Kilter Rewards app, so if you're not signed up for both, please be sure to do so! While we won't be able to feature everyone, we encourage you to share your story on social media with our hashtags #OutoftheDarkness and #TogetherToFightSuicide. Don't forget to follow these hashtags and show one another some support throughout the fall!

Special messages from your AFSP National Challenge leaders

Nicole Dolan
Nicole Dolan - AFSP's Senior Director of the Out of the Darkness Walks

Welcome everyone! I'm Nicole and I'm excited to take practice daily wellness with you over the next six weeks (and beyond!). It's so important to make sure we're filling our own cups if we want to take care of those around us, and that's why you'll find me walking (and snuggling with!) my sweet pup, Kona (aka "Poopers"), baking scones on the weekends, trying to develop a green thumb, sweating profusely during Peloton workouts (#Sweat2StopSuicide), watching every episode of Alone that I can find, and taking time for quiet reflection. These activities recharge my batteries so I can also spend more time reaching out to friends and family to check in and have a #RealConvo.

I'm based out of South Carolina so I'll rep the Southern Division team, and my bead colors are blue, teal, and purple. It's an honor to participate alongside you and show our communities that we are working #TogetherToFightSuicide.


Meredith Henning
Meredith Henning - AFSP's Senior Manager of the Out of the Darkness Walks

Hello! My name is Meredith Henning, Senior Manager of the Out of the Darkness Walks. I wear purple, green, teal, and blue beads, and I am so excited to be taking part of this Wellness Challenge with you! I am on the Western Division Team and would love it if you were on my team 🙂

I will be adding a new activity every day of the challenge, which will include: dancing with my son (and by myself because I need my dance breaks), Peloton bike rides and strength workouts, rooftop meditations, walks in the park, and my favorite ritual baths.

You inspire me every day to continue to bring our mission to your community no matter what. AFSP's work cannot happen without YOU, so thank you for all you do to for the cause of suicide prevention and mental health awareness. If you haven't already, please join an Out of the Darkness Experience today. We are all #TogetherToFightSuicide.



Erin KennyErin Kenny - AFSP's Manager of the Out of the Darkness Walks

Hi y’all!

My name is Erin Kenny and I am AFSP’s Manager of the Out of the Darkness Walks. You can usually find me working on the Overnight Walk, but I am super lucky to work on all of our Out of the Darkness Walks! They are each special and healing in their own way.

For six weeks we are taking daily actions to prevent suicide and be vocal about the importance of self-care. I am pumped! My favorite self-care activities include Peloton workouts, reading, writing, and rewatching my favorite TV shows (Golden Girls, anyone?). I will be tracking my actions every single day on the Kilter Rewards app to gain points and spread our mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide! I wear green, purple, teal, and blue honor beads. I live in Queens, NY and will be representing the Northeastern Division Team.

While this fall might look a little different, I know our community will be just as strong and dedicated as ever. You are the reason AFSP is able to provide life-saving work and you are our driving force. Join an Out of the Darkness Experience today. We are #TogetherToFightSuicide.


Featured AFSP Individuals Wellness Challenge Team Members:

Kerry Murphy Lacey Maroon

While our 2020 events may look a little different than what we’ve come to expect, our mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide has not changed. Mental health and suicide prevention are more important than ever, and we’re confident that with your help we can reach more people than ever before. Thank you for joining us!