Saturday, April 24, 2021

Share Your Action - Show Your Impact

Join Campus Walks Across the Country as We Take Action to Stop Suicide and Pledge to Make Mental Health a Priority

Today and Every Day

Begin today by taking the steps below to spread the word, support the cause, and help save lives.



Step 1. Have You Registered?

If you haven't already, register for any of the Campus Walks this spring by clicking the button below!

Find A Walk

To receive updates and information on how you can get involved you must be registered for a Campus Walk.

Already registered? Continue to step #2!

2. Recruit

Invite friends and family to join you through text, email, and social! Send your fundraising page link to make it easy!


3. FUNdraise

Get creative with your fundraising! 

Ways To FUNdraise

4. Share

Consistently share why you are taking action and walking. 

share today

5. Get Active!

Use activity tracker to show your daily impact and fundraise!

activity tracker

6. Your Impact

Educate yourself and others during Mental Health Awareness Month.


Show Your Connection

Get creative with how you share your connection to the cause.

Day of Action Movement

Join our friends at FORWARD_Space at 3:00pm EST on the 24th for a 24 minute IG Live dance break specifically for the Campus Day of Action!

FORWARD__Space On Movement:

  •  There is a deep and undeniable connection between movement and mental well-being. 
  •  Move a muscle, change a thought. 
  •  The intrinsic communication connection between the body and the brain. 
  •  The physical feeling of emotions -- we need to move our emotions -- e = energy in motion. 
  •  When we hear music we are familiar with, our bodies naturally respond with movement. Even if we hear music that's new or unfamiliar, but strikes a chord, we move -- and when we move our bodies, our brains feel better. 

Day of Action Graphics

Download and use IG graphics on the 24th! Includes the graphics below and more


Song List

Listen to this list while you are out taking action! Walk, run, ride, dance...whatever! Want to submit a song? Send the title and artist to No explicit lyrics, please!