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About the Team

The Mission of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide, through research, education and advocacy.

AFSP's  Out of the Darkness Community Walks help raise awareness of suicide by allowing those that have lost a loved one to suicide and those that are struggling with suicidal thoughts themselves, along with their friends and family, to walk together as a community dedicated to helping each other and bring suicide "out of the darkness." Our AFSP Race Team members do the same by training and racing in AFSP jerseys that remind  us why we are racing and letting others know that we wish to remove the stigma of suicide.  As a team member you will be part of a network of athletes committed to bringing suicide out of the darkness and remembering our loved ones while we strive to achieve personal milestones.



Please contact Team Captain Steve Moore before you register for our team so he can send you a team member agreement.

2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Charity Entries

AFSP has given out all of it 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon guaranteed charity entries. Runners who are able to register for the Chicago Marathon another way, such as meeting the time or legacy runner standard or winning the lottery, need only commit to raising $500. Please select "Other Races" below.

Also, the AFSP Race Team welcomes those who wish to raise funds for AFSP by racing in any race of any distance, as long as they commit to raising $500. Please select "Other Races" below.  Prior to registering for our team, please contact team captain Steve Moore [smoore200400@yahoo.com] so he can explain the team requirements to you.

Time Qualifiers, Legacy Runners, Deferrals, Drawing Winners

If you are able to register for the Chicago Marathon on your own because you meet their time requirement (3:15 male, 3:45 female), have run more than 5 Chicago Marathons in the past 10 years, you have a deferral from 2016 or if you win the drawing, then you can join our team by committing to raise $500 for AFSP.  Please contact Team Captain Steve Moore before you register for our team.

2017 Transamerica Chicago Triathlon

AFSP is a charity partner with the Chicago Triathlon, which has made International Distance entries available to our team.  Anyone needing an entry should contact team captain Steve Moore. A $685 fundraising commitment covers both your Chicago Triathlon registration fee and your fundraising obligation. There are a limited number of charity entries so this offer will only be available for a short time.

All other races

We welcome runners, triathletes, cyclists, or anyone wishing to combine their athletic interest with fundraising for AFSP.  You can compete in any type of race, at any distance, anywhere in the world.  All we ask is that you commit to raising $500 for AFSP and you can receive all of our team member benefits. 

 For Additonal Information:

Team Captain Stephen Moore: smoore200400@yahoo.com

Facebook:                          www.facebook.com/RaceAFSP

Twitter:                              @RaceAFSP


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