Suicide is very real, and it fucking sucks. Every day, this irreversible act ruins the lives of hundreds of people. It’s the 2nd leading cause of death for teens and adolescents, yet it remains extremely unrecognized, undiscussed, and underfunded. Suicide is not rare or distant. It affects all of us and it’s getting worse.

The ups and downs of depression are real mountains that people must climb each and every day in order to survive.  It’s a silent, deadly battle that so many keep hidden.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope for those affected by suicide. As an individual directly affected by suicide, this cause is close to my heart; a light in what often seems hopeless.

I want to make a difference. This fall, I am partnering with 46 climbs to raise awareness and money for suicide prevention. This organization is powerful; it combines the therapeutic benefits of hiking in the outdoors with mental health awareness. It seeks to overcome suicide by challenging individuals to climb that mountain, to discuss mental illness, to make a communal effort towards saving the lives of people we love.

In light of World Suicide Prevention Day, I challenge my friends and family to participate in my cause. I urge you to consider donating, hiking, and even spreading the word towards this cause. I’ve set a lofty fundraising goal because I believe that events like this make a difference.

From September 1-10 2017,

I will be hiking for Joppy.

I will be speaking for all those who feel helpless, hopeless, and alone.

I will be motivating everyone affected by suicide to join me.

If I could rewind time and see to my little brother again, I would hug him and tell him “These mountains you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb”

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention



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