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We lost our son and brother Jonathan due to Benzo's on May 5th , 2017.  Our (former) family doctor uneducated on Benzo's and kept him on Klonopin for 7 month's as a sleeping pill, he ( The medical professional we are to trust) had no idea the horrifying withdrawls of Benzo's or that my son was in withdrawals from what he prescribed as a sleeping pill. 

The doctor and his ignorance to Benzo's never looked at his medical file and asked if he was still on the Klonopin , Instead he prescribed him Xanax and told us he was an addict and wrote in his medical records that he was an addict and informed us that there was nothing he could do for us that my son was going thru Xanax withdrawals and that he was an addict.

The medical field needs to be informed and educated on the dangers of prescribing Benzo's. The patience should be informed of the dangers of Benzo's and have the right to make the decision to not take what the medical profession is uneducated on

.For everyone that knew and Loved Jonathan, knows how horrifying Benzo’s are. Jonathan fought for 6 month’s with withdrawals from Benzo’s that were taken as prescribed by his family doctor for sleep.  Jonathan was abandoned by the Professional Medical field that prescribed these drugs to him for sleep.   Due to their lack of knowledge and uneducated on the horrifying withdraws of Benzo’s.  Jonathan lost his life to Klonopin.

Tom, Debbie and Jason


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