Hannah Doucette

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Dear Friends an Family,
Hi, my name is Hannah Doucette. My father, Ken, and I are participating in the AFSP's 46 Climbs hike to raise money for suicide awareness and prevention this September.
As a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, some much to close for the comfort of both my self and the people whom I love and care very much about, both my family and I have been able to realize the magnitude of how mental health can affect people's desire to function or even to live. From coming in and out of hospitalizations and mental health programs, time and again I have been able to see the disturbingly large amount of people who suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and many more. People of all ages and ethnicities can experience this, and there are many people who are even born with it. People in our every day lives, including my own, are struggling from mental health difficulties and not enough of them are getting the help they need. I believe that in today's society these illnesses are not being taken seriously the way they should be. The vast majority of people suffering from mental illness choose to remain silent out of fear of what others will think. Little do people know that mental illnesses are just as prevalent as any other disease. Although, it does not come across this way because people are ashamed to talk about it. For the longest time I stayed silent and I kept my struggles to myself. By keeping my struggles inside I found myself in many life-threatening situations that could have been prevented if I just spoke up. Mental illness has always been the elephant in the room that no one wants to address. However, by not talking about it this stigma will only continue to grow. This silence will continue to take away lives. If we can come together and discuss these issues and talk to one another about our feelings, we can take back these lives. Everyone deserves to live a full and happy life. These are the reasons why this cause has a very special place in my heart.
By participating in the 46 climbs hike, I want to help not only to get the word out about these struggles, but show everyone out there who is suffering that we are all just as much capable as everyone else. Being someone who struggles with major depressive disorder and ADHD, I want to prove to myself and others that I can do amazing things despite these challenges. I want to help inspire others who struggle with these mental illnesses to reshape their lives so they can achieve the amazing things they are all made to do.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and will be put towards suicide prevention and awareness. Thank you for all of your support.

Xo Hannah Doucette


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