Join Me in Supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Last school year, I served on campus as a Resident Mentor to 22 wonderful undergraduates. Though they may never know how much I cared and continue to care for each of them, I cared greatly for their happiness and their success. On December 26th 2016, I got a call from two of my residents while I was out shopping with my family in Ohio. They had terrible news to share with me - news that would later change my life - their roommate and friend, Kyle, had passed away on Christmas Eve while at home in Mount Pleasant. He had lost his battle with depression. On January 1st 2017, I attended his funeral and was overwhelmed by the loving words and fond memories his family and friends shared. I knew that although Kyle was no longer with us, the impact he had made on our lives would remain. This is definitely true for me. I didn't know Kyle very well or for very long, but I think of him almost daily - his life and death have changed the way I think about others, think about the world, and think about mental health. In memory of Kyle, I want to raise $512 (representing Kyle's May 12th birthday) for USC's Out of the Darkness walk that I will be participating in on March 25th. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing love and support - together we can educate, advocate, and support those affected by suicide.