Darwyn Jones

Chicagoland Walk

Join Me in Supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

I'm walking in the Out of the Darkness Chicagoland Walk to fight suicide and support AFSP's bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025.

I've walked for several of the last few years. Usually I mention my grandmother, Ruth. I never knew her. She was gone before I was born. This year, sadly, I'm also walking for my nephew, Kyle, who left us on October 13, 2017.

On walk days, I'm always quiet and respectful. There is great strength in the families and survivors that come together that day. It is a somber day, of course. This year, I imagine will be quite somber. 

The walk is in September. I walk for awareness, not for money. So, if you're moved to, feel free to donate. If you aren't, no worries. That's not what this is about for me. I don't pledge more than I'm willing to figure out. What is important is that you know that this happened. That I'm not hiding from it. That I'm sharing. That you can talk to me about it. That you can share your own struggles. Let's not let some undeserved stigma of shame keep us from communicating.

If you do donate, know that all donations are 100% tax deductible and benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), funding research, education, advocacy, and support for those affected by suicide.

Thank you for your support!