Rachel Robertson

Team Captain Dragonflies Santa Rosa Walk

Join Me in Supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

You might wonder "why now?"-- I ask of you to wonder "why not now?"

 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), funds research, education, advocacy, and support for those affected by suicide.. The goal is to reduce suicide  20% by 2025. It takes place at Howarth Park, Santa Rosa, where we will walk in unison to fight for those we loved and lost, for those we love and fear to lose, and those we alley with to fight for everyone.

It is my ultimate goal to raise as much money as possible.  Here I ask you to at least consider, in light of recent events, that even those with all the recourses available to them still need to find a way to exit life on their terms. We need to closely examine what it is about the  way suicidality and mental illness as a whole is addressed and treated, for if those with limited recourses  die by suicide, it is crucial to understand that those who do have unlimited recourses still fight the same uphill battle.

I'm here to give a voice to those I've lost by suicide. I'm here to take a stance against the way insurance companies manipulate benefits that make it near impossible for people to seek help.  It is time, now more than ever, to examine mental health and the way it is approached.

This will be my third consecutive year walking for AFSP.

Please help me reach my goal by clicking the "Donate" button on this page. All donations are 100% tax deductible, and benefit AFSP outreach, research, and advocacy for suicide prevention.

Thank you for your support!