35 by 35 Birthday Challenge

A personal campaign sponsored by Jordan Richard


My older brother, Justin, was my hero. He was the firstborn. He was the leader. He lived his life with passion and a spirit of adventure. In 2005 he took his life and left our family devastated. I don't talk about his suicide often because it's painful. But I've decided Justin's memory can only live on by sharing his story. On July 30th, I will be 35...ten years older than my beloved big brother when he left us. 
I know Justin loved our family and was proud of me. He believed I could do anything.  So for my 35th birthday, I wanted to prove him right. Each day starting 35 days before my birthday, I set out to do something I'd never done before. Each day had a new challenge, both big and small.  The process was documented and the goal of the final video project was to draw you to this campaign.
My desire has been to honor my brother, Justin, by living life to the fullest.  I hope my 35 by 35 challenge has inspired and encouraged those who followed the journey. If you feel compelled, please consider giving to my campaign  benefiting the AFSP.
For those struggleing with depression and suicidal thoughts, there is hope. Don't keep silent. One of the greatest lessons I've learned during my 35 by 35 challenge is this: do not be afraid to ask for help. People truly want to be supportive of you on this adventure called life.
Thanks for visiting this page and reading,