Ignite Souls - Movement Makers

A personal campaign sponsored by Eiji Morishita

September 22, 2016



Suicide is a leading cause of death

  • #3 cause of death among teens and young adults 15-24
  • #1 cause of death among military more American casualties than wars in Iraq & Afghanistan combined plus many more among veterans with PTSD
  • Many commit suicide with depression, addictions, mental health challenges.
  • Rampant among NFL Players, Musicians, Actors with recent losses to Robin Williams, Junior Seau, Kurt Cobain, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Winehouse

Let's do our part.  Suicide is preventable.  (Watch video here)


I personally have lost 6 people to suicide and battled suicide and depression multiple times in my life.  After the dot com crash, I lost my job and lost hope.  I felt so much shame that I couldn't face my friends, housemates, and felt I was being a burden to my family.  When I was in my car contemplating taking my own life I heard a voice inside saying "Eiji, hang on there's something great waiting for you."  

So I perservered and while I had tremendous swings of highs and lows.  I'm so grateful that I am alive today with my beautiful wife Chika of 8 years and two beautiful children Ema Faith (3.5 Years old) and Taiga Ethan (10 months)  I get to empower people sharing the lessons I've learned through the tough times.

Now the message is getting louder and louder to end the isolation and share a core message and dispel the 3 lies that lead to depression and suicide.  Lie #1 - We are alone.  Lie #2 - We are broken.  Lie #3 - We are unloved.

We are not alone.

We are not broken.  (Our behaviors are imperfect but our souls our perfect.)

We are loved.

Come join the movement to end suicide and ignite souls to be in full expression of their talents and gifts.

Make a donation one time or monthly to make a greater contribution.  

With appreciation,

Eiji Morishita

P.S.  50% of the proceeds will go locally to the Palm Springs, San Bernadino, & Riverside counties where rates are higher than the national average.