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Queen City OPF Lodge Fundraiser

A personal campaign sponsored by Heather Vigil


Congratulations to our winners!!

Red Glyph of the Open Road Ticket 41 Kyle Sykora

SFS Dice Bag ticket 28 Chris Johnson

Zombie reviver dice bag ticket 11 Lucas Servideo

Iomedae Dice Bag ticket 104 Cody Kloth

See Sage egg ticket 2 Geoff quest

Bulette ticket 291 Garrick Williams

Final warning ticket 96 Ivis Flannagan

SFS journals ticket eight Becky Fehn, ticket 12 Erika Emrick, ticket 39 Garrick Williams

PFS2 journals ticket 50 Garrick Williams, ticket 8 Erika Emrick, ticket 1 Jason Pearson

Green dragon mini ticket 108 Garrick Williams

Grande archive earrings ticket one Jason Pearson

Vigilant seal earrings ticket 2 Ivis Flanagan

Envoys alliance ticket 1 Jason Pearson

Horizon Hunters Earrings ticket 1 Jason Pearson

Radiant oath earrings ticket 7 Ivis Flanagan

Verdant wheel earrings Becky Fehn

Starfinder insignia ticket 55 Garrick Williams, ticket 36 jac steele, ticket 4 David Farmer

if your name is on this list, please contact me via email with a shipping address, I can be reached at

The Queen City Lodge of the Organized Play Foundation will be partnering with the mastermind of JephCon to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention from October 11th-13th.

You might wonder why we have selected this charity, and why it's often one we come back to. We suffered the loss of one of our own in March of 2018, it hit us hard and it was unexpected, and for many of us, it was not the first time that we experienced that kind of loss. As a community, and as individuals, we feel the best thing we can do to honor the ones we love is to help push forward with resources and support, and we believe that AFSP has the best chance of helping us do just that. We hope that you will help us honor their memories this October, and in turn support AFSP.

To help raise funds, we will have a charity sweepstake, as well as a live-streaming event. 

Our live-stream event will take place on Friday, October 11th, starting at 7pm. You can tune-in by heading over to where the crew from JephCon will be hosting us.

 We will also be running games throughout that weekend at a local convention. We’d like to invite you to join us. You can find tickets & badges over at as well as information on the location of the Pathfinder First Edition, Pathfinder Second Edition, and Starfinder Organized Play Games we will be hosting.


The charity sweepstake will run until Midnight EST on Sunday, October 13th, and you must donate through this page to enter.  Volunteers will not be accepting cash or checks. Winners will be announced the following Monday, October 14th, on this page, and we will be contacting those winners for any necessary shipping information for prize fulfillment to take place. Domestic shipping in the United States will be covered by members of the Queen City OPF Lodge. 

CinCityCon and its associates are in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the charity sweepstakes, receive no funds from it, and are in no way responsible or accountable for this fundraiser or prize fulfillment. It is sponsored by members of the Queen City OPF Lodge and all donations go directly to AFSP.

Charity sweepstakes items are now posted here for your viewing pleasure:

 If you are donating to enter into the charity sweepstakes, tickets are $1/ticket, and we request that you include in your comment on your donation what items you are putting your tickets towards, as well as the allocation of tickets if you are doing more than one item. If you prefer to keep that information discreet, you may forward a copy of your e-mailed receipt to with your sweepstakes ticket allocation information.