Linda Gail Peveto-Warmann Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Jennifer Warmann


Linda Gail Peveto-Warmann was and remains a daughter, a wife and partner, a loving mother, and a best friend. Words can never express how much we love her and how much we will miss her. She was a woman who cared about everyone else before herself, who took in many people and gave them a home, was a second mother to so many people and kids, and who was there for everyone in their time of need. She was a very selfless person, and in that act of selflessness had mentioned that she didn’t want people to send flowers to her funeral in the event of her passing, but would rather have the money that would be spent on flowers go towards a charity or fund to help someone in need. Given that Linda struggled most of her life from depression and the nature of her tragic passing, we thought it would be most appropriate if the money was donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you are ever feeling sad or depressed, please know there is another way out of this labyrinth of suffering. Please get help, if not for you, your loved ones or your best friends, do it for Linda. She would never want another person to ever feel that way and would never want them to follow the same path.

She will forever be loved and forever be missed by countless people.


In Loving Memory,

Jeff, Josh, and Jennifer