Wake Up America

A personal campaign sponsored by Meg Elliott

October 3, 2015



What was he like? He was funny-way over the edge "Family Guy" funny. He was always telling jokes and watching funny movies. In fact, I thought I had piqued his interest in studying Improv at 2nd City in Chicago. He was super-smart-maybe too much for his own good. He was twentysomething and undecided about his future. He had tried a semester in college, but decided to take some time off to get some real-life adventures. He had taken a challenging sales job that included wearing a suit six days a week, 10 hours a day which eventually evolved into a move from Chicago to Indianapolis where he lived in a house with a group of co-workers. The job was commision only, and a couple of fender benders later his precariuios budget forced him move back home. It was around this time that he bgan dating a woman who was his senior in age and sophistication. She spoke of marriage, travel and kids and he began getting involved way over his head. He continued on an unsuccessful job search, and also agreed to get some counseling. Jesse felt he had found the love of his "life", but after a year and a half his girlfriend, Crystal, found another.

March 27, 2014 at 3PM my husband returned from picking up our dog from the groomers. At the front door he found the police and fire department trying to open up the back. Everyone was too late to save Jesse's life. I didn't return until 11:30PM that night on a train from Detroit where I had been with my Mom who was unwell.

The sunshine of my life was gone. Just like that. How does a mother of her only son survive something like that? One day at a time-propped up with loving support of family, friends, co-workers, heavenly and earthly angels. When I realized this was a bad dream I could not wake up from, I slowly decided on some changes. A week before the first anniversary of his death I quit my job as a massage therapist at a 5-star hotel, a job I had held for 12 years. My husband and I took a few months to pack and store most of our things, discarded our condo, filled our new SUV with what we thought we would need for a year (including our dog, Crypto), and began our journey. The journey is named WAKE UP AMERICA. My husband will be riding his bike next to me as I run 50 K in 50 states, hoping to raise $50,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). With that donation we will attempt to quell the wake of destruction that suicide leaves in its path. The money we raise will be used for raising awareness, funding research, and providing support groups. If you are so moved we hope you will support us in our quest to give the hopless more options as well as finding solutions for the epidemic of depression, often ending in death, that is affecting our nation

Jesse Magana's Mother                                                                                                Meg Elliott