Corey Randall Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Kimberly Randall (On behalf of the Randall Family)


On April 15, 2016, we lost our beloved son, brother, and friend. Corey was a bright and charming young man, and it appeared he had so much ahead of him professionally and personally. Words will never express how much we miss him.  He was a generous and kind person with a funny sense of humor – the best hugs too. We are blessed to have had this beautiful soul in our lives for 22 years and will treasure every memory we made with him.  

Corey was also a bright student and graduated posthumously from Virginia Commonwealth University with B.S. in Psychology and Criminal Justice, and also had been a member of the Lambda Chi fraternity. He loved helping others, and he evidenced this in many ways, including becoming a volunteer firefighter for Stafford County. If you needed a hand-up, Corey was there for his friends, family, and even strangers.  

We do not know why Corey decided to end his life and, for whatever reason, felt he could not share his thoughts and feelings with friends or family. There were no red flags or outward signs that he was struggling.  We wish Corey would have reached out and talked to someone about what he was feeling -- nothing is ever so bad. It is our prayer that he has found the peace and joy.

People, young and old, need a safe place to talk about problems and issues they are experiencing without the worries of being stigmatized or teased about their mental health or thinking suicide is the only way out. It is our goal to bring awareness to suicide prevention -- the signs and risk factors -- so that this type of tragedy can be avoided.  Help us spread the word about suicide prevention, mental health issues and how suicide loss survivors can be helped.   

Please visit the Corey Randall Memorial Fund Facebook page at and help us spread the word about suicide prevention and resources available for those at risk. #BeTheVoice #StopSuicide

In loving memory of Corey,

Scott, Kimberly & Rachel Randall


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