Ride out of the Darkness

A personal campaign sponsored by Grant Bourne

December 15, 2017


My name is Grant, and I'm tired. 

Im tired of waking up to news that another friend, family member, or coworker decided to end their life prematurely because they forgot that they truly are loved. It's time to do something about it now...

I have decided to ride 100,000 miles on my Harley Davidson Road King and spread the word about what the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is doing to help lower the Suicide rate. 

I will be stopping at various motorcycle rallies and events along with as many "Out of the Darkness" walks as possible. 

My goal is to show people that we can beat out suicide by replacing unhealthy habits, depression, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and negativity with healthy habits and love. 

Please join me in my journey and help any way possible! You can fine me on Facebook at Www.facebook.com/rideoutofthedarkness

On Instagram as @rideoutofthedarkness

And on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwu-Y69hmk54_DbnUxZRjKg

Thank you, remember that you are loved, and choose to fight another day!