Maureen's Marchers

Denver Metro Walk

Support Maureen's Marchers as we walk to fight suicide in the Out of the Darkness Denver Metro Walk .

"Maureen was fierce. She had more conviction for doing what she thought was right and fair, consequences to herself be damned. She never hesitated to take a stand on moral grounds, or to stick up for the underdog. Her courage inspires us to be more courageous.
She had a stunning intellect. She read voraciously, all her life, right from the beginning. Books were her lifelong friends, and her love of reading was a cornerstone of who she was. She consumed information about her world with the curiosity of the elephant’s child, whether the topic was Dr. Who or social commentary on feminism in the modern age. And nothing made her happier than to share this passion with others.
She had an amazing ability to care for and invest in other people. She was passionate about social justice. In spite of facing discrimination herself, she spent considerable effort in trying to see the world through the eyes of those who had less privilege. She cared about feminism, and the LGBT community, and those who couldn’t care for themselves."

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by donating to a team member. To donate online, please select "Roster" and then choose one of the team members listed. Once you're on their page, click "Donate Now." Donations can only be made to individuals, but the total each participant raises goes toward our team goal.

All donations are 100% tax deductible and will help bring AFSP one step closer to achieving their bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025.

You can also support us by registering to walk with our team - just click the "join our team" button above. 

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