Team Forsythia was started to honor the memory of my brother John. He was a an amazing landscaper and had an incredible knowledge of all things botany. We had a funny way of saying "FA-Sith-E-ah" (a weird private joke).He was such a hard working man and I was blessed to have had a few summers working for him.  He lost his life at 43 years old.

Since losing him 13 years ago I have seen so many friends and family suffer with mental illness and suicide. It's time to take away the stigma and address the fact that we all have difficult chapters that can lead to mental illness. Lets let everyone know we are all in this together and we need to build more acceptance into our communities. 

For all those who have lost someone to suicide my heart goes out to you. I am honored to climb for you and your loved one. 

My daughter Meg and my sister in law Mary have joined this team for reasons of their own and we will all climb to spread hope. 

Thank you for your support


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