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On June 28, 2017 @ 10:53am I received the most devasting group text from my 27 year old son, Anthony. Three simple words, "I love you". Why would these words that normally would make my heart smile be so devasting? Because it was a group text to his Father, Sister and Myself. Immediately I knew something was wrong. I called and called and called his cell phone-each time it went to voicemail. OH GOD NO-PLEASE DONT!! As I drove home I prayed that he would not do anything drastic. My prayers didn't work.. Around 11am a gun shot was heard by neighbors, my son was gone. The pain of losing him is unbearable, the reason why is worse. 

He chose to take his life in the forest with the blue sky above, the birds chirping around him and the critters scurring about. If I was given a choice-I would choose the forest over a hospital bed anyday. Later that day I went to what I now call Anthony's Peace Tree when a light rain started to fall, the sun was shining so brightly, and a beautiful double rainbow appeared.  I know in my heart that my son is at peace. R.I.P.~A.W.E.

Anthony, please know your family, friends and our beloved dog, Tessa Mae miss you so much. Heaven has gained a very special Angel.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause so people suffering from depression or other mental illness can receive the help they need. And most importantly know that life is worth living.

Forever in Our Hearts <3



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