In Memory of Sydney

San Antonio Walk

My name is Desiree and I'm the Team Captain. Sydney was my cousin. She was 21 years old. I was 10, almost 11, when she made her grand entrance into this world. She was beautiful, she was athletic, she was spunky, she was witty, she was so sarcastic, and a bit of an asshole (but in a good way if you know what I mean). She was tiny but she had a "take no shit" attitude. When she was little she told me "You remind me of my mom, but stronger." Lol. She loved Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, James Taylor, and Jeff Rosenstock. She was an old soul. She hated taking pictures and had no idea how pretty she really was. She babysat my dog, Foxy, the week we were in Mexico for our wedding. Foxy has sensitive skin and got a rash while we were gone and she was so worried she did something wrong. She even went out and bought special shampoo for her. She loved Foxy and Foxy loved her. She said her favorite color was black but I think that was just to drive her mom crazy. She loved turquoise jewelry and daisies were her favorite flower. She wanted to be a social worker and she had a beautiful smile.
I wish I told her I loved her more. I wish I could've told her things were gonna get better. I wish I could've told her she wasn't alone. I wish she would've come to stay with us for a weekend like we always planned. I wish I would've seen the warning signs. I wish I could've told her that no one else on this Earth can play her part. I wish she would've asked for help. I wish a lot of things.
My cousin wasn't a weak person. She was all the things I described above, and more. And unfortunately, she lost her battle with depression. Maybe if suicide were a more accepted topic by society, she would've gotten the help she needed. Maybe she'd still be here today. I don't know. All I know is I miss her every day and will continue to try to be the voice to #stopsuicide. 
Please support In Memory of Sydney as we walk to fight suicide in the Out of the Darkness San Antonio Walk .

We are joining the community of nearly 250k people walking in hundreds of cities across the country in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.

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