Friends and Family, 

The group For Our Dads was created by Whitnee Gallaher and Daisy Johnson. This is our story:

Our friendship happened by chance. Freshman year of college of 2016, we were random roommates that met each other on move-in day. Yes, this was awkward at first, but overtime we found that we are similar in more ways that anyone could imagine. We discovered that we are both the oldest of 3 siblings, we are both extremely picky eaters, and we both are excellent nap takers. However, when we both found out that we both lost our dads to suicide, that is something neither one of us expected to have in common. With both of us going through something so heartbreaking, we can pick each other up on our hardest days. We can feel each other’s pain, because we have the same pains. We are the one friend to each other that knows what the other one is going through, and that is a bond that no other friend can provide. 

Last year, we decided to join Out of the Darkness Walks to raise money for such a silent cause. We each raised thousands of dollars for suicide prevention which is a huge accomplishment that neither of us knew was possible! We decided to put our stories together this year in hopes to raise even more money for this amazing organization! 

With us being a team this year, you can also join us! You can join our team as an individual or a virtual walker! If you want to raise money, but don’t want to/cannot walk on the big day, you can become a virtual walker and still participate in fundraising with us! If you want to walk with us on the big day, then you can become an individual walker through our team, raise money and participate in the walk. If you have any questions on how to join or how to begin raising money, don't hesitate to contact Whitnee or Daisy.

To donate, please select the Roster and then select the team member's individual page that you would like to donate to. There, you will see a giant orange donate button that will lead you through the steps to donate! Each team member has a more personalized story on their individual page that explains why they are walking or supporting suicide prevention. 

Please remember that any donation amount helps.

All donations go toward funding research, creating educational programs, advocating for public policy, and supporting those affected by suicide.