Valerie Desmond

Team Captain Forsythia 46Climbs


Dear Friend,

Labor day weekend I will be hiking in the White mountains of NH to raise funds for Mental Health and suicide prevention. I will climb Mount Moriah(one of the 4,000 footers of NH). This is my 3rd year participating in 46 climbs.  This organization  enables people to hike mountains to shed light on the prevalence of mental health issues with the goal of ending suicide. The money raised goes to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention(AFSP). They are leading the way towards reducing the stigma of mental illness and offer support to those affected by it.

I hike in honor of my brother John.(the man who taught me about Forsythias) 

I hike in honor of all those I have known who felt they had no hope. 

Help me spread the good news that there is hope and we can all heal from depression.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention



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