Together we raised $23,000 on 8/23!

23 Out of the Darkness Walks will take place across the state of California this Fall.

Together we fight suicide and create a community that's smart about mental health.

Each Walk has an individual event goal, but our state goal was to raise $23,000 on August 23rd to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's mission to save lives and provide hope to those affected by suicide. THANK YOU to all of our walkers and donors that made it happen!

Support your local walk this fall to help #StopSuicide!

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Let's Make It Happen Together, California!

Our goal is to make an impact on 8/23 and collectively spread the word about our community, our work, and our 23 walks. We've made it easy and included social media graphics, messages for Facebook and social media posts for you to share, and we'll be posting and sharing information on all of our chapter pages as well. Let's let our communities know what we're up to and how they can help us #StopSuicide.

$23k: By the Numbers

$23,000 sounds like a large amount, but we're confident that together we can do this! Most of our donations nationwide come from individual donors in modest amounts and we're asking for simple support from all of our communities.

  • $1,000 from each of 23 walks = $23k!
  • 50 donations of $23 each = $1,150!
What we're asking you to do:
  1. Use the graphics, social media posts, and ideas below and let your community know about the great work that AFSP is doing across the country.
  2. Send 23 emails to your contacts and ask for $23 donations on 8/23
  3. Post on social media using the tools below and ask people to support your walk
  4. Let people know that they can join us on walk day and in supporting our work
  5. Ask your social circles to share your posts or forward your emails

And most importantly: Let your community know why suicide prevention is important to you and that they too can #BeTheVoice

Tools, Tips, and Materials:

Use and share the tools, graphics, tips, and tools below to spread the word on 8/23!

Social Media Graphics:

  Click on the images below to download and share these images on your social media timeline.

$23k Shareable Image (Click Here)







$23 Donation Shareable Image (Click Here)







Sample Social Media Posts:

We've made it easy to participate! Simply copy and paste the below text with the accompanying graphic on your social media pages. Be sure to add your fundraising page link into these posts so that donations are credited to your page.

Use the 4 posts below with this image about the $23k CA Challenge.

(Just copy, paste, and add your fundraising page link)

***To Post on 8/21-8/23***

This fall, 23 #OutoftheDarkness Walks will take place across the state of California. Donate $23 on August 23rd to #StopSuicide.


***To Post on 8/22***

Tomorrow is August 23.

Tomorrow is August 23. 23 #OutoftheDarkness Walks will take place across California. We’re raising $23K to #StopSuicide. Help us raise 23 on 23!  Donate $23 tomorrow.


***To Post on 8/23***

Sample 1:

Today – August 23 – We walk across California every Fall to #StopSuicide. Help us raise $23K in our 23 #OutoftheDarkness Walks. Help us do 23 on 23! Donate $23 today.


Sample 2:

Last chance to help us reach our goal on August 23! Help us raise $23K to #StopSuicide in our 23 #OutoftheDarkness Walks. Donate now! 



Sample Email Text:



CLICK HERE to download the Sample email text.

We've made it easy for you - just copy, paste & send!




California Facts and Figures:



CLICK HERE to download the CA facts & Figures image.

Links to All CA Community Walks:

There are 23 places to get involved to help #StopSuicide in California every Fall. Click the link below to see where each of the 23 walks in California are.

Invite others to donate, support, or join us at their local walk!

See All 23 California Out of the Darkness Walks


Out of the Darkness Video PSA:


CLICK HERE to see the video on our Youtube page or copy this URL and share: