Society for $1,000+ Donors

Patrons for Prevention recognizes individuals who make an annual unrestricted, non-event contribution to AFSP of $1,000 or more. This national group serves as partners in AFSP's work by contributing the funds necessary to develop life-saving strategies in preventing the 10th leading cause of death in the US: suicide.


Benefits of joining Patron for Prevention:

Patron gifts have a direct impact on AFSP's five core mission strategies:

  • Fund scientific research.

  • Provide educational programs to professionals.

  • Educate the community about mood disorders and suicide prevention.

  • Promote policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention.

  • Provide healing programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss.

Patrons also serve as ambassadors of AFSP's mission and assist in increasing awareness and prevention. Membership benefits include:

  • An AFSP welcome package that includes merchandise and education material to keep or share with others to build awareness.

  • Bi-Annual e-updates on AFSP priorities and activities.

  • Connection with local chapter to learn more about events and programs occurring in your city.

  • Invitation to yearly webinar help by AFSP leadership to learn more about our work and ask questions.


If you are interested in learning more about Patrons for Prevention, please contact Michael Swyer at or 212.363.3500 x2070.