Join AEPi and the #SelflessForScott legacy in supporting the AFSP.

Scott loved Dog Days as much as anyone in AEPi.  Every year, Scott's enthusiasm for the event was plainly evident, expressed through the limitless number of hours he spent at the grills, delivering hot dogs across campus and passionately fundraising for the annual beneficiary.  Scott was and will always be an inspiration to the fraternity and his extended circle of family and friends, so please help us channel his passion again this year by donating to the nation's largest non-profit dedicated to improving mental health.

—Ali Boorstein and Josh Inwald

General Information: Dog Days, now entering its 16th year, is an annual week-long philanthropy run by Northwestern’s Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) chapter.  During Dog Days, brothers grill and sell hot dogs for a charitable cause at five locations across Northwestern’s Evanston campus during the first week of May. Last year, Dog Days sold over 6,000 hot dogs and raised $32,000 for our previous beneficiary; we’re the largest Greek Life-run philanthropy on campus. As a growing philanthropy, we’re seeking to increase those totals in 2017 to 7,000 and $35,000, respectively.  We rely on the entire brotherhood, AEPi Tau Delta Alumni, corporate sponsors, Northwestern University, and donors like you to make Dog Days a success. We appreciate your generosity, and hope to see you on campus May 1–May 5 for Dog Days 2017!



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