Join Me in Supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

7:00 am, my iphone emanates an ever familiar buzz as it vibrates on the nightstand beside my bed. My days typically dawn with messages about clients projects. This vehicle needs maintenance, We need to pick up wood from this vendor, the forklift wont start…ect. Overcoming obstacles are a way of life when running a small business on a limited budget, in a small town.

As I pick up the phone I notice a facebook private message notification from an childhood & long time friend. “Hey I just wanted to see if this is Jeremy” along with a link. Clicking the link I was crushed to see a generic obituary for my Twin Brother, Jeremy Raphael. In tears I called the morgue. They confirmed indeed that my brother was there & had been for nearly 3 months. My head went dizzy, My mind in denial thinking this cannot be real. I was falling into infinity. None of my family had been notified & his body lay unclaimed in a Phoenix morgue. My brother who had so much talent, gifted in so many areas was scheduled to be buried in a common indiginant grave.

Only later would the details unfold. A tragic story of an early death at just 39. Far too young to die. Every day people that look just like you & I struggle with both the reality & management of mental illness & substance abuse. We live in a day & age where every glamorous portion of our life is perfectly posed & scripted on social media. Our lives unfold in artificial still frames, perfectly positioned to leverage popularity, ego, & often times a false portrait of reality. 

Us, You & I, Our friends & family, every person on this beautiful planet experience pain. We experience struggle. We experience what it is like to manage false expectations with what we know in reality. Studies show over half of friends & family experiencing the brutal trauma of Divorce. Social media humiliation & bullying are instantly broadcast on a global platform that never disappear. For many, the obstacles seem greater than the ability to manage or overcome. When we introduce the reality of mental health & substance abuse, we have a turbulent dilemma. Suicide is ever increasing as a permanent solution to a temporary problem. But, There is hope. I want to use my own struggles with the pain & trauma of divorce & the early death of my twin brother to make a difference. 

How can you do that you say?

The Rock Band Queen has the famous lyric that rings in my ears “Get on your bikes & Ride” We are going to do just that. This July from the 13th to the 19thI'm riding my bike with the Horizon M360 Bike Club from Monterey to Malibuto fight suicide and support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP’s) bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025. 

Every company exists for a reason. Behind the scenes we are motivated by principals, causes & goals. I proud to partner with our customers in a goal to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You can partner with us in helping bring hope to friends & family in our community struggling in silence. Every gift matters.

Please help me reach my goal by clicking the "Donate" button on this page. All donations are 100% tax deductible and benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), funding research, education, advocacy, and support for those affected by suicide.

Thank you for your support!