Vikki Webster

Team Captain REGINALD SEWELL FOUNDATION Chicagoland Walk


Donations for Vikki Webster

Vikki Webster donated $25.00 03/24/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 03/24/2017 Hey Vikki - Good luck! I am trying to do my own fundraiser for underprivileged kids!
Vikki Webster donated $20.00 03/21/2017
Janice Thornton made a donation 03/20/2017
The Smith family donated $25.00 03/20/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 03/19/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 03/19/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 03/19/2017 Hey Vikki! Thank you for standing in the gap and being the voice of the ones who no longer have and voice. Thank you for also being the voice for some who feel they don't have a voice. You are truly a blessing in more ways than one. You're making a difference and I enjoy seeing the changes!
Gabrielle Sewell donated $5.00 03/19/2017
Vikki Webster donated $25.00 03/08/2017
Erin Brafy donated $25.00 03/07/2017
Nada Bowie made a donation 03/06/2017 Love you!
Greta Sokoloff made a donation 03/01/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017
Frank Cassino donated $25.00 02/23/2017
Felicia Hughes made a donation 02/22/2017
Vikki Webster donated $30.00 02/22/2017 Ronald Smith
Tricy Bingham donated $20.00 02/17/2017 I am so proud of you Vikki and what you are doing in your brothers honor! Keep it going!
Vikki Webster donated $25.00 02/17/2017
Latrese Lewis donated $25.00 02/16/2017


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