Taylor Hagen

Team Captain Taylor's Infinite Vision Salt Lake City Walk


We walk in memory of our brother, son, nephew, grandson and friend who died by suicide on January 6th, 2017.

Taylor had a very loving, kind and energetic soul and he could light up any room with just a smile. Shortly after Taylor passed away, as family was going through his room, we found his bucket list. An item on that list, amongst many other things like diving with sharks and cliff jumping in the Caribbean, was to start a clothing line called Infinite Vision. The meaning behind it is what drives his family to keep going: to live your life to the fullest, to push yourself through challenges, to be stronger and more determined, and to give back to others.

We miss Taylor more than anything. There will forever be a piece missing from our worlds, but we are also very grateful for the time we had with him. He left us this idea so that we can heal ourselves by healing others, spread awareness and give back to our community.

Whitney Hagen, Taylor’s sister. 

Please share this... and if you are able, any amount in support makes a difference. - Thank you.
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