Carter Freije Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Patrick Breiner


Carter Freije was a truly inspiring guy. Bright, energetic, kind, and empathetic. An example to follow artistically and personally.

He worked incredibly hard at his craft. He had high expectations of himself and his friends and collaborators. He was caring and honest and forgiving. He had a voracious curiosity for music of all kinds. As a drummer he was constantly pushing himself and the musicians around him. And he always played his ass off.

Carter first opened up to me about thoughts of self harm over the summer of 2019. It was something he held close. It didn't define him. It was something that scared him. He wanted to live. He went to therapy. He got meds. He worked hard to keep on living and to rise above the illness that wanted to kill him.

On November 19, 2019 Carter was found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. 

We miss you, buddy.

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