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Douglas B Jones Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Richard Jones


Doug had many roles in life - husband, father, brother, uncle, son and most importantly friend to all of who knew him. He was a leader in his community and an expert at his work.  

Doug's cooking skills were known far and wide and he was particular about his wines and his meats.  His charcutery board could rival the best restaurant in Paris.

He was quick to laugh and could make his mother giggle so hard her cheeks would blush.  He could talk to any age and made each person feel like the most important one in the room. 

Doug had a passion for music which he passed on to many of us and some of you will remember "The Collection".  He often said he would have loved to have been a disc jockey. Music played in his kitchen, his car, his yard, everywhere he went.

So many wonderful qualities. So many fabulous memories.  He will be missed forever.