24-hour Walk For Suicide Prevention

A personal campaign sponsored by Ann Brennan

July 2, 2015


Mental health is important to Megan and me in so many ways.  As a mother and daughter who have struggled with depression and continue to fight the darkness on a daily basis, we understand just how difficult it is to pull yourself out of the hole that is depression.  But having lived in and near larger cities for the past 20 years we are also aware of how many people lose this battle, either ending up homeless and alone or dead from their own hand.  Every day in the news we are reminded of the struggles of others, whether it is in the many school shootings across the world or in the celebrity suicides and overdoses.

Meg and I both believe that the first step towards addressing mental illness is by shedding some light on it.  To bring it out of the darkness and talk about it with others, sharing our experiences and listening as others share theirs. 

Once again Meg and I will take on the challenge of walking for 24 hours straight.  We will begin at 7am on July 2nd and end on July 3rd.  Last year's walk was eye opening.  We learned a lot about how far we could push our bodies, how much we had to work mentally to stay positive throughout and how much other people cared about our cause. 

In 2014, we raised $2500 in just over 2 months.  This year, we have decided to challenge ourselves even further.  Though we will walk only 24 hours, we intend to increase our distance by at least 10 miles.  More importantly we plan to raise our fundraising goal to $10,000.  And this is where you come in.

Please donate to our cause personally but in addition, please ask your companies to match your donation, call us at 443-852-5274 with companies you believe would be willing to donate, spread the word to your friends and family.  Help us to make a difference.  Help us to bring suicide out of the darkness.